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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2002 at 8:09am
Current mood: pensive
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Subject: Rating the year
I usually just rate my year in my head, but it would be amusing to do it on woohu.

1.Lost friend-Dan Reed
2.Earned friend-Sugarmouse
3.Person that needed a serious beating-TIE Tony Saco, this person uses woohu, so, I won't say it, due to the fact that I don't want my ass kicked.
4.Wierdest Friend-Spud (Landslide)
5.Are you real? Friends-plainmornings, slicksurf16, and Tony Vicarri. I haven't PHYSICALLY seen either plain or surf, but Tony ACTS like he wants to know me...Or my body. LOL.
7.Girlfriend-Um...yeah, I have too many to name. Damnit, still single after another year...
8.Wanted girl-Uses woohu, and I'm too shy.
9.Wierdest situation-Good god, too many to list. Maybe the passing out at band, but there are many follow-ups.
10.Coolest upperclassmen-Gunnie Rueben and Cory Hoffeman
11.Biggest Archenemy-Maybe David French
12.Annoyer-Joel Siefken. (landslide)
13.Biggest moment of achievement-Uhhhhhh... I don't know. Suggestions, anybody?
14.Bonehead manuever-Again, too many to list.
15.Best Reversal-Spun Kelly Edly around from hating my company to being able to deal with it.
16.Person that deserves a hand-Lance VanOrder. Nobody really seems to respect or see him.
17.Worst teacher-Boomer. and I'm in her class now. lol.
18.Best teacher-None, they all really were ok to deal with.
19.Best Coach-Marco, the ayso coach. Sabinas is a tight second.
20.Dumbass friend- Spud takes the cake yet again.
21.Weird relationship-Lance VanOrder.
22.Just get the f*ck away!-Brendan Kenney. The stupid punk won't leave me alone and keeps trying to talk to me.
23.Why can't I be acknowledged?-ANY of Spuds "Girlfriends".
24.Most Tempting time to hit someone-Any time at all where Ryan Gorter talked.
25.This is me, kickin your ass-When I beat Edly at the 800. Wasn't that achieving. I'm sure he could have done better.
26.Too eager-Band camp. Never get yourself too hyped up.
27.Personal thoughts toward self-Still feel transclusent to a lot of people, but thats ok. Didn't do shit for sports this year, but again, I'll get better at it. I really hope to improve with the trombone after Tony and Klem leave. I'm going to practice hard (Depending on my level of laziness)
28.Best Friend-I guess Spud. Nates cool but, hrrrmmm. God, to hard to pick. Although Spuds been more helpful. and nice.
29.People met on woohu-Slicksurf and plainmornings
30.Reckless time-Maybe today when I was (sort of) bragging on finshing my drivers training segment 2 infront of someone who failed.
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05-30-02 11:05pm

i so kick ass. i've weasled my way into, like, five facets of your life. booyah! and i have all the lady friends.

i don't know with colligan anymore. if you want her, just let me know. i've noticed that we tend to brawl more when she's around. it's kinda cool. testosterone rocks. but i don't want it to muck things up. we just need to get on the level. i know you hate this serious crap, but it needs to be done. i still really don't know how you feel about the whole thing. i'd speculate. but i suck. i'd rather be blunt and insensitive about it.

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I agree, 06-10-02 7:26pm

Yeah, Lance is a bit odd, you don't really know him until he trys and hits on you (I have a feeling we both share that expirience). Just don't allude to anything around him that has to do with smoking week or porn, and you should be fine.

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Get a fucking Life, 03-03-03 2:38pm

You mother fucking bitch! Wow i thought no one could have so much to talk about when in retrospect you aren't actually saying anything at all....ok ok im being a little harsh. but it out there

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Re: Get a fucking Life, 03-05-03 10:02pm

Hey, cockfuck.

How about revealing who you are, instead of being a wuss and hiding behind your annon shield.

This entry is old, anyway! WTF are you doing browsing around my old entries, anyway?

Plus, I've seen some of those things that are a hell of a lot longer than mine.

Finally, Up yours. My journal, my thoughts. Don't like it, don't read it.

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