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User:ChelTheSmell (user# 23004)
Name:Chelsea Lou
Location: ThE BiG HC!!!, Michigan, United States
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Bio:i have red hair and i go to tri county...what else is there to say. oh yeah and im cool! ima kick asser baby! oh yeah! not gay just a little bit retarted. lol
Friends:(31) allyson, anachronism, b-wizzel, Box, Chelsea_Louise, ChelTheSmell, cherrytwiggy, clementine, CONFUSED+ABUSED, corbinator, da-units, Eddy, fraggle, jayzulla, jessa_lynne, jordanmackenzie7, keltoesx, liz, moomoo, rayray, redhawk, sexkitten, skife, swimfan14, THE+ONE+I+LOVE, thugster, triple, twiggypuff, windedhero, wondrouslybizarre, _iggy_
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Interests:(25) interested in..uhh... ME! im super conceeded! lol!, boys, care bears, clothes, color guard, degrassi, drums, family, friends, glitter, good charlotte, good luck bear, green, green day,, irish things, monkeys, movies, old people are cute unless they poop their pants, pink, romeo and juliet, simple plan, strawberry shortcake, the beetles, uhh...and...PIZZA! oh and boys! my hott ass! ice cream. basketball
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