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01-01-2002 07:10pm

Hello, hello ! I'm just being the usual dork and twirling about in glee at your success and the wonderful re-launched woohu...hehe :)


03-08-2002 11:44pm

hey - i have to ask: what is your picture supposed to symbolize/mean? its starting to drive me crazy!


03-03-2003 07:35pm

ANDREW! Hey! Just thought I'd drop and quick note and say "hi". Mucho props on the site! Your awesome!



03-25-2003 06:09am

hey Andy you don't know me... just wanted to drop you a note and say sickly-fantastic site. (When I found out who Woohu was run by I almost died)(I am completely inept with programming) Keep up the good work. It's a great way for myself and others to express things and just be ourselves.
(18 BC Canada)


05-25-2003 08:38pm

Yay, this is my favorite online journal place evah. Don't know why, but g'job. ;)


06-28-2003 07:04pm

Hi! You don't know me but I think your site is the greatest. I also like your lyric site. Keep up the good work. I'm from Michigan also (not that it matters).


07-30-2003 02:20am

I'm just a random person, but hey. I think it's awesome that you run woohu. I love this place. I haven't even learned html, so what you do amazes me. You're my new computer god.
Yes, I did call you a god.


08-28-2003 06:24pm

lo there.


08-31-2003 06:45pm

i signed this god damned thing RAWR!


10-21-2003 06:47pm

hey whats up... ok, i signed ... yay!! ok, i came, i conquered, now im hungry... laters!


11-05-2003 05:06pm

Heya:P Just wanted to sign your book and tell you what an amazing site this one has been disrespectful yet and all have been willing to help with questions and things. Ive had a few bad days n my journal im so thankful for cus it helps me vent and without that i think id go nuts so i just wanted to say thank you ..and tell u i love the site and all the cool ppl that i have met so far..well laters :P


12-24-2003 12:26am

Hiya Boy. Do you remember me at all? Probably not. Well. Just checking in for no apparent reason. ...
I'm the meloer.


02-01-2004 06:25pm

hey just writing to infom others how much of a fuck andy is he has threatened to cancell my journal as my post didnt fit the criteria he wishes to have. Fuck off moron ok. I didnt join to have my postings screened by you ok.


04-30-2004 05:17pm

holly finds it funny that so many people list you as their friends.
you must have like half of woohu (probably all chicks) gawking over you..
but holly loves woohu.
tis near and dear to her heart.
holly should go.
quit wasting space on your guestbook.
drop me a line sometime.


10-19-2004 02:28am

How have I not signed this yet?

Anyway, I had to formally declare my adoration of Woohu. This is the best journal site I've come across and I can never leave it for long.


06-28-2005 12:58pm

whoa. very long time. whoa. whoa whoa. i don't remember anything i feel like an elderly woman. do you still use melo?


08-12-2005 08:27pm

hey you i know you lol


08-05-2006 02:10pm

yaye it's andie.
*spelled your name wrong*
*super special*
=] haha, spam.


10-08-2007 11:25am

you smell like dandelions.


10-23-2007 03:16am

you smell like a cute boy.


10-29-2007 10:48pm

you smell like seski.


05-26-2016 12:16am

Doing a drive-by to say hi. :)


03-16-2019 01:53pm

Hi there... found my old journal so don't need a new code. xoxo Sam

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