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:: 2017 29 August :: 7.08 pm

after 5 years of persistent hard work and dedication

i have finally achieved a goal i never thought possible

omg omg omg

is like to thank marihuana cigarettes for making this all finally come true

through the sweet ganja goddess
all things are possible

are you reaching out

:: 2017 26 August :: 9.04 pm

feeling left behind or left out

are you reaching out

:: 2017 23 August :: 5.21 pm

starving myself hurts WAY less than feeding myself.

anorexia here i come!

are you reaching out

:: 2017 21 August :: 5.52 pm

when you have IBS is it like an every day kinda thing? or does it come and go like crohn's?

because idk if i can live every day feeling like this.

are you reaching out

:: 2017 19 August :: 8.48 am

the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that a couple people would be devastated if i stopped

but another 50 years of this? another 50 years of living the same bullshit every single day.

the sad eternal sorrow lodged deep in my heart

knowing this stone in my chest will never start beating again

i am an empty husk of a person, bland, boring, vanilla

a waste to time of space of paint

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