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:: 2018 19 March :: 10.00 pm

soon my work raise will hit

If they offer OT I'm taking it as much as that place removes my soul and consumes it while I watch in terror I really need to get serious about making some cash


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:: 2018 16 March :: 10.12 pm

If I ever start balding I'm going to shave my head and have a giant eyeball tattooed on the back of my head and make it so it follows you everywhere you go

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:: 2018 13 March :: 9.58 am

Sometimes I will sit at my desk at work and look at my waterfall background and pretend the white noise machine is the creek with the waterfall rushing through the wet Pacific rainforest

are you reaching out

:: 2018 12 March :: 8.10 pm

Finally got an RX for glasses

Only one in the family who is farsighted hahaha

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:: 2018 9 March :: 7.05 pm
:: Mood: disappointed

Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones who make us feel the most alone.

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