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:: 2003 22 June :: 10.30 pm

i will write a song that makes you cry and regret everything...everything and then you will feel yourself burn from the inside out

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:: 2003 22 June :: 10.03 pm
:: Music: "only in dreams"-weezer

i went camping.

i was talking to my uncle about the book i was reading (the perks of being a wallflower) and he says "dont belive that" and i say "dont belive what" he says, referring to the title, "dont think you dont need friends, you arent really anybody without friends"

i disagree. ive pretty much lost all of my friends to one of my closest friends recently and i can tell you that it may be very very lonely at times i dont have to deal with ....anything. i talk to people sometimes and im very selictive about who i talk to now, (theres pretty much one person i talk to and occasionaly i still talk to the friend i lost but its still hard so i try to keep my distance) i dont think i can stand caring about what somebody said to me or wants to do to me or what they think of my relatoinship or (espically) who "did" things together. i really think thats what killed my relationship. everybody else.

there is just so many things that come with groups. id rather establish a strong connection with one person than feel akward coming into a group. there is so much drama. even in the band, it just got really stupid.

im sorry for going on. i just think people are too dependent on others, im not one to talk. its just sad. for everybody. really really sad.

thanks for listening,

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:: 2003 28 May :: 9.21 pm

some song in which i relate:(more to come)

"my sweet fracture"-saves the day

Could you tell me the next time that you're choking?
'Cause I'll rush right over
to shove some dirt right down your throat
It's nothing I have against you
You're just a creep and
you can't remember the last five years
What's a bond if it dissolves in water?
I took a piss that lasted longer
than you and your manipulations
I called my mom last night
She said, "Sweetie, you don't need someone
who's more fleeting than fall"
'Cause don't you love those leaves?
Don't you wish the orange stayed forever
And Crickets sang in the night all through winter?"
And I thought, slow down, Chris
Think of all the time this jerk
has fucked you up and left you down
And hey, I choose my company
by the beating of their hearts
Not the swelling of their heads
Besides, I'd rather forget the days we spent
Than try to stay afloat in shallow water

"nightingale"-saves the day

And I will flail under these lights that seep down from the bitter sky tonight
and I will kick and beat my wrists together
and feel an ocean breathing waves, feel them licking at my face.
Ceilings don't exist and there are no floors beneath me.
If I were king of this night, would you become my queen?
And I hope, your majesty that you like your position.
I'll do everything I can to keep you by my side
and I'll stare off through the darkness to find us a kingdom.
Just kiss me before I go.
I'll have to walk a thousand miles just to find the ground deserving of your feet.
You could throw me down and walk on me
and I'd just look on through my love and through the haze.
And I hope, your majesty that you like your position.
I'll do everything I can to keep you by my side
and I'll stare off through the darkness to find us a kingdom.
Just kiss me before I go.
The nightingales are singing now.
They're calling out our marriage to our subjects on their knees.
Their jewelery is thrown into the air.
They sigh at their release as their shackles hit the ground.
The trumpets call out now.
We're home at last.
And I hope, your majesty that you like your position.
I'll do everything I can to keep you by my side
and I'll stare off through the darkness to find us a kingdom.
Just kiss me before I go.


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:: 2003 27 May :: 8.02 pm

if you ever had anything to say to me just say it ...i dare you

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:: 2003 10 May :: 11.33 pm

im hot

its a proven fact

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:: 2003 7 May :: 6.13 pm

dear robby (in reply to your most recent entry),
we obviously need to talk. that was a fucking joke about the other band (ithink i made that very clear by inviting you and kevin to join) and then i proceded to say things like "i dont like the music we play" because its the fucking truth we wrote all those songs in a hurry and theres so many problems with them there horrible. also this bullshit with jeff and sam i CANT FUCKING BELIVE nobody was telling me about (i know the people who were there). i know i did some bad shit to jeff but him doing that to me makes him a better person? and if anybody thinks im a badguy in this situation ... fuck you...fuck jeff...fuck everyone who i thought would be a good enough person to tell me, and didnt,fuck you
and if you were just going to wait till i came and apoligised to you thats pretty stupid if youre giong to have a problem with me say something dont have me going back and forth between stupid letters

common fucking courtesy

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:: 2003 3 May :: 6.47 pm

i think i just felt my heart break

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:: 2003 22 March :: 1.55 pm

some times sleeping is a really good way to stop anything

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:: 2003 22 March :: 1.48 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: bruce said checkers - some stupid song

bruce said checkers

april 4 (the bean)


april 18 (kent theatere)

american accent

bright lit city(suck)

cover at both places
$2 @ the bean

thats really all
i just noticed that i dont ues this for any thing but promotion
aw well

look our site is being made SLOWLY

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:: 2003 24 February :: 9.21 am
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: us if you come to the bean


thier playing

the bean

march 14 '03


april 4 '03

were selling our CD at both shows
and MAYBE t-shirts in april
its a $2 cover
come see us and don't be cheap

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:: 2002 4 October :: 3.13 pm

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:: 2002 30 August :: 6.00 pm
:: Music: Bruse Said Checkers-putrid

hey its been a while

You Should Come See My Band

at skelletones

on division and cherry

at 8 ish?
itll be fun
chek out song lyrics at tuwang's journal

and look out for information on the UP-COMING web site

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:: 2002 1 August :: 8.29 pm
:: Mood: better than you
:: Music: ours

my cool band
look at me im in a band
were neat
im in it and robbie's in it(drums set)
and kevin (bass guitar)
and me (guitar)
were awesome
let me talk a little more about us and how cool we are
were so cool we could almost stop heat alltogehter
were called imok or something
see us when we come around

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:: 2002 1 August :: 3.29 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: your own disaster - taking back sunday

me + kevins escapades
let me set the mood for this a second. the day before this my girlfriend whom i love dearly (were ok now) told me she was loosing the feelings she had for me and was thinking about breakin up. anyways, a few days ago kevin and i went to guitar center because kevin needed a new pick gaurd for his bass(guitar). we drove there and to our suprise it was closed, monday afternoon and it was closed. anyway thats not the point. we thought we'd got to a pawn shop or something on 28th street so we went looking. we stoped at a pawn shop that sold a buch aof music stuff but nothing we needed. so we went to rit music but on the way there i hit the back of a womans car (not my fault!) and the stupid ho stops in the middle of 28th street for a dented licence plate. so we got to rit music kevin get his thing and still pretty pissed at this point. on the way home kevin buys me food (thanks kevin ;)) and i go visit my girlfriend for some comfort after the shitty day i had and the first thing she tells me is about how her and her friend met these guys at mich. adv. and how much fun they had. needless to say that didnt help. then me ,kevin, and robie meet at robies moms house to practice on our songs witch is therapudic. but robies sister was sleeping so we couldnt. enter: my house. my "girlfriend" calls and yells AT ME explaning how shes a flirt and wants to expand he horizions and how it made her fell better about herself that someone was hitting on her but what bothers me is how she still maintains a social anx. problem (hmm). some times i wish shed pay attention to me (pitty...oh well) but in the end i guess it worked ok.i guess.

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:: 2002 1 August :: 1.48 am
:: Mood: tired

my first day/morning
i just logged in and im tired.but all the cool kids were doing it so i loggeed in too.i dont know the purpose yet.. or for that matter why i thought of this at 2 in the morning. but i look forward to see what people talk about.


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