you think about yourself too much and you ruin who you love


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:: 2019 9 February :: 11.02pm

all the bars we go to play 90s

either youngsters come here to feel older than they are or cuz they are hipsters

and people in their 30$ are who are being pandered to.

growing up sucks



:: 2019 6 February :: 11.26am




:: 2019 30 January :: 4.34pm

sweetie, all I want is for you to go out of your way to be sweet to me when my whole world feels like it's falling.

I just want to see you care. hearing it isn't enough. talk is cheap.

I just need extra sugar today.



:: 2019 30 January :: 7.57am

this song strikes a raw chord
I'm lost, no dreams of my own
everything is scary, so far out of reach
I'm lonely in my heart, and honestly....

I have abandoned hope it ever filling the gaping hole where my soul used to be

I am an empty husk. I turned 30 and after hoping all thru my twenties that 30 would magically make this better, I feel just as lost and empty as ever. I'm confused, I'm tired, I'm trying, I keep going, but why...

what's this all for anyway.. if you don't have kids you are lost to time, if you do you are lost in 1-2 generations, but what does any of that matter when humans are going to destroy this planet and go extinct just like everything else that fights the natural order as much as we do.

I just need to be held, I want to just feel less alone.



:: 2019 29 January :: 7.34pm

can life just be over? I'm fucking sick of feeling.

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