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:: 2006 31 July :: 10.06pm

Went to India for two weeks for a school trip.
I'm back. Our studies in ayurveda are basically going to bore you, so I won't bother you with those. Our touristy stuff I can tell you later.

I can give you a fairly good representation of one crazy day in India.

We were on our way from Delhi to Agra in a rented A/C taxi. Dr. Bauman had been chatting with the driver in Hindi, because that way they rip you off less and are less inclined to drive you to places you don't want to go just to get a commission from some shopkeeper in case you buy something.

He passed a roadside rather-shady poll collector. It's hard to tell the government officials because they look just like local people who are simply pissed that a road was built and want to take your money to get back at The Man. He passed it, but thought better of it and went back after driving about half a mile down the road. We were left in the middle of a dusty road full of other vehicles.

Dr. Bauman turns around. "So, since it's been a while since the first time I was here, what are you guys really finding interesting now that you're here?"

"What's interesting?" was the general response. "What do you mean, have we seen anything interesting?"

Then, the circus began.

A woman approached the car with a handful of beaded necklaces. "Beads, madam. Madam. Madam. Hello." She tapped on the window. She called through the window. She clinked the beads against the glass window where they rattled and clattered and jingled. No amount of telling her no in English or Hindi would dissuade her.

A man walked by on the side of the road followed by two bears on leashes.

By this point we were laughing hysterically, far too involved in how rediculous this was to actually pay attention to how many rupees the necklace woman wanted.

A fakir arrived on the scene, fully arrayed in robes, turban and beard, coming from behind the car with monkeys trailing behind. One or more of them leapt up on our van, clinging to my window (Reread. MY WINDOW.) and gyrating violently in a distinctly sexual manner. We now had the beadwoman, two bears, and a humping monkey seven inches from my face. The laughter contined.

When the fakir noticed that we remained unenticed by his monkey, the animal disappeared. He crept up to my window and began stroking it muttering something about rupees. I looked up and we all collapsed in laughter again. Noticing we still hadn't opened our window and given him money, he raised up to the window a damn cobra. A cobra, people. As Dr. McGrath said, "If he thinks showing us the snake is the best way to get us to roll down the window he has really misjudged his audience!"

The tears flowed, the laughter continued. Still probably not the reaction he was hoping for, but he really didn't want to give up.

Then our driver came back to rescue us as a clown (yes, a clown, in full getup and a plastic clown mask) walked down the street away from us. I guess someone told him that the circus was over and the foreigners were on the move.

See anything interesting, Bauman?

Nah. Who are you kidding. *whistles generic circus theme and walks away with her hands in her pockets*

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:: 2006 16 July :: 5.08pm
:: Mood: Jet-lag

Back in my own damn house ^^ I just got home from Michigan ( I left Friday evening and returned Sunday-day) annnd.. yah.
It was fun.

So yeah. Last you heard from me was.. Friday. Okay. So I went to Roadhouse with my dad and we had the habanero chicken sangwiches which really weren't that spicy at all, then he dropped me at Jadie's which wasn't too far away. The Jadelaloo and I rejoiced and then - as a Jade came home and Emily's leaving present - we got to babysit her baby sister!


Lmfao. So yeah. We fed the welp of our affections and bathed her and put her to sweepy-Bees. Then we watched TV and movies and Jade and I simpy adore "The Little Princess." That movie is so good. o--o So Kimmeh came home and it was her neighbor David's birthday. We went outside to congregate at all hours of the night with his friends and he - like we usually do. Yap.

Anyways, I went home at liek.. 2 am. Jadie was out so I went to sleep and then we got up and went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"! ^^ Jadie dressed liek a pirate ^^!!! And I gave her a braid. Yah. S'good.It kinda went to shit went my dad got to Kimmeh's and Jadie and I were still at the movies. He was a bit flustered about that, but we ended up getting to the airport with just enough time. Southwest is a hippie airline o--o They believe in free seating, so if you ever fly with them with other people whom you'd like to sit with, try to get into group A. Lawl. My dad sat infront of me 'cause everyone like.. took up the aisle seat and the window seat, not the ones in between, so those are the ones my father and I got.

Omfg, so we're in Detroit and it's 12 am Saturday morning and the Avis bus takes us to the rental place and the line is taking for fucking ever. I'm just like.. dying. Because I want to get to my grandma's. We finally get a damn car and we ended up going the wrong way. Thankfully I'm a genius and told my dad to turn around and we got on the right track. So we get to grandma's at liek.. 1 - 1:30 am. And I slept on a couch. ^^

NINE FUCKING AM. Bright and early, bitches. o--o Yeah. I slept like.. 8 hours. It's a miracle. I usually soak up 10-12. Anyways we ( my chick cousin, her friend, my brothers, and I ) are assigned the "DISTRACT YO GRAMAMMY" mission, so we go to the mall with gramma ^^ Kristen ( my cousin ) and Kelly ( her friend ) disappear into Hollister and all of those skin-severing boutiques and my brothers, grandma, and I just kinda wander around. Then we find a Hot Topic <3 My mom only gave me 30 dollars .__. and it was a STRONG debate between the Jack Sparrow messenger bag ( which was REALLY HOT ) and this cute little pinstripe vest.

The pinstripe vest won. Emily likes vests. So I purchased, ending up having to borrow a buck from my brother, and then we went to the food court to continue our stalling. We munched Taco Hell and talked about birthdays, because that's all of what us kids were thinking about since we were keeping our good ol' g-ma out of the house for -- surprise birthday party set up. Our grandma tapes together the amount of ones ( $15 for a 15th birthday ) together for us and sends it to us and we're liek "WOULDN'T IT BE SO FUNNY IF WE DID THAT FOR YOU, GRANDMA? 70 BUCKS TAPED TOGETHER, HAHAHA." and we were having a good old laugh about that.

Because we did tape 70 bucks together.


Which we did as well.

XDDD We are sou good. So finally the stalling ends and we head home and David ( one of my brothers ) almost fuckin' ruins it. My dad was texting him and David reads out loud "Message me when you get to the picket fence, what? Dad, gawd, leave me alone!" and I reach my hand behind J ( my other brother ) and smack Dave and Kristen and Kelly are freaking out, thinking that my grandma caught on but apparentally she didn't 'cause she was pretty damn surprised when she walked in the house. XD

Poor dear started crying, it was so sweet. So yeah, frolicing and mischief and "Barbie's Fairytopia : Mermaidia" ensued with younger chick-cousins. Annnd.. I hid in the basement and drew and listened to Panic! At the Disco. xDD I'm good. Then there was an 11 pm McDonald's run because Taco Hell wasn't enough deep-fried fat for stick-twins Kristen and Kelly. I tagged along because.. I'm a girl. o--o;; Perhaps. >--->;

So yeah. Got up this morning at fucking 8 am and went to the air port. Things went pretty smoothly. I slept through both flights pretty much. And here I am. My ears are still popping.

Much love, dawlies.




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:: 2006 8 July :: 7.35pm
:: Mood: Profound?
:: Music: The Medallion Calls - POTC 1 sound track ( Thanks Michan! <3 )

Goodbye sweet paradise..
.. of my room.

For liek.. a week or two.
Still going to be crazy.. Nyahh..

New furniture and stuff o--o;;



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:: 2006 7 July :: 11.47am
:: Mood: WOW.ed.

Emily on Pirates of the Carribbean II: Dead Man's Chest


OH. MY. GOD. o------------------------------o

Alright, so I went last night at 12:01 am to see it with the twin-things and Stephen and I met Michan and Chris there and WOAHHHH.


The twinners, Michan, and I dressed up.
And I totally have pirate hair right nao.



Oh my god.
Oh my god.

Oh my god!

~will cut off so you're spared any further god-ing~



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:: 2006 28 June :: 7.35pm
:: Mood: Grossed Out.
:: Music: Your Eyes Open - Keane

Stephen the Lion: its funny how you never notice how many socks you need till you start packing for a vacation

Emleh: XD

Stephen the Lion: then its like "dude, where are all my socks?"

Emleh: I think that's like.. the only cute thing you've ever said

Stephen the Lion: hahaha
Stephen the Lion: so, now you think im cute?

Emleh: No.
Emleh: I thought that what you said was cute.
Emleh: But that's it.

Stephen the Lion: mabye we should get togeter sometime?
Stephen the Lion: awww

Emleh: ...
Emleh: Wow. Umn... No..

Stephen the Lion: haha
Stephen the Lion: your so silly when you react like i was being serious


He was definitely being serious.

'mabout to go to Linxx0rs.


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:: 2006 25 June :: 6.36pm
:: Mood: Hyper. xD
:: Music: Boys. DOOJE DOOJE.

My tonselitis is liek.. Almost gone. ^--^ KNOCK ON WOOD. ~knock~ I fucking love amoxicilin.

We had liek.. a gawddamn party at Jade's house last night. Fucking. Awesome. I love Jade. And I love Adam and Ducky and Naomi and Amanda and David and Bobbie and Adam ( whom has Hyde-hair and Foreman-face XD ). David is Jade's neighbour that we discovered during her birthday party and we've been chilling with them ever since. Mostly at night. 'Cause it's good. But yeah, so, Bobbie and Hyde-hair Adam are David's friends.

Boobie tried to shoot me with a firecracker once and I just met Hyde-hair Adam last night. Amanda and Naomi were over and Adam and Ducky are always at Jade's because it's like.. their second house.
All in all, we had a lotta fun. Dancing, almost breaking Jade's floor, drinking water, tonselitis.. David slapped my ass and it hurt. o--o

A lot.

So I smacked his tummeh and things were better. ^^

Hyde-hair Adam got super drunk. Annnd.. threw up in the grass x--X;; EMILY PICKED UP THE BARF TOWEL.
We all passed out 'bout 5 or 6 am, spare Jade, who was still in OCD-clead mode. Bleep.
Then we got up at liek 12:30 pm today and I made Emilettes ( EMILY'S OMELETTES O--O; ) annnnd.. they were good. Then my aunt picked Naomi and I up and then my mommy took Naomi home and then we went to the mall and I THINK I WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER WHEN I GROW UP.


So there you go.
I like things.
SYC tomorrow.
I love you.
A lot.

It's powerfully positive and positively powerful.


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:: 2006 23 June :: 1.25pm
:: Mood: Relieved, content

I don't have strep, I have tonselitis!
Jadie, I'll probably be over tomorrow. Maybe. I think.
And I get AMOXICILLIN to make it better ^---^
The thick, pink, bubble-gum-ee stuff.
I haven't had it since I was liek.. 10.
I'm definitely feeling more happy. Really tired, but content.
And I just ate.
So that's good, too.
My throat hurts.


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:: 2006 23 June :: 8.34am
:: Mood: PAINED.

Sweet Fuckin' Fuck!
Anyways .___.
I have strep throat.
And it's ghey.
I'm going to the doctor at 11:45. And I'm awake. At 8:35 am. Because of my stupid throat. GHEY.
It's all gross and white back there.
Woe is me, fair people, assuming people are reading this!
My Jade leaves Tuesday and I fear I will not be able to see her T--T
I'll probably skip volunteering on Monday - don't wanna infect anyone e--e - but we'll see how it goes.
So my weekend is totally ruined.
And Naomi's is, too, if you think about it.
Naomi, if you get mad at me 'cause I got strep and I can't drive you home.. bleh. o---o
I will just wave idly and fall back into bed.
A lot.

I'm gonna go lay down again before I have to get up and shower.
I probably won't be able to eat for a little bit .___.


P.S. I have a stand-in phonular ( same number you have ) since the other one comitted suicide. Ring if you need me. <3

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:: 2006 18 June :: 10.05pm
:: Mood: Tired-ish
:: Music: nothing.

'Cause Naomi told me too.


P.S. YouTube is god. I'm on there. o--o Search for drpeppercrusader.

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:: 2006 3 June :: 3.52pm
:: Mood: Hi.
:: Music: Chewing gum, rain, typing

Hallo lovelies
How are you all today?

It's raining outside my window and I'm contemplating popping in one of the movies I got the other day.
Creepshow, Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenger, or Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. I thought I got the first one with Johnny Depp in it, but I suppose I didn't.. I got all three for like.. 15 dollars all together.
Super fun time!

Anyways, I had a lot of fun at Jade's and I'm whipped mentally and.. perhaps physically. But not literally.
Did you follow that?

Good show.

I'm gonna go watch scary movies now, kthnx.


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:: 2006 28 May :: 11.09pm
:: Mood: Stuffy

Jade - the fish who's still swimming.
Jade: I'm hooked, but there's no line.

Emily: Yeap.

Jade: Or perhaps I was pulled ashore, and then abandoned on the beach because I wasn't a good catch.

Emily: Tch. You just haven't unhooked the deadly hook yet, but the line broke.
Emily: You're still swimming, but you can't get the hook out.
Emily: 'Cause of the barbs.

Jade: Alright.

I don't think I could ever honestly stay mad at Jade for more than like.. 7 hours.

Because I love her.
That's the only explanation.

My head's all plugged up.


Do you think we decided right?


:: 2006 23 May :: 9.38pm
:: Mood: Thoughtful

Jade and I don't want to be ballerinas when we grow up.
Jade: Um... She picks me up at about 4
Jade: So like... 4.20 ish?
Jade: Ha.
Jade: 4.20
Jade: The worst time of day
Jade: For Emily
Jade: =p

Emily: xD
Emily: Fuck you in the butt, kthnx.
Emily: <3

Jade: Why?
Jade: You like... hate stoners.
Jade: With a passion.

Emily: Yeah
Emily: I try not to, like.. when I think about it rationally, I know it's their choice and they're stupid asses
Emily: But I just get so.. angry..

Jade: Yeah.
Jade: I know.

Emily: I'm gonna grow up to slaughter stoners
Emily: I'm going to dissect them and try to find the stupid glands in their brainds

Jade: I'm gonna grow up to be a serial killer

Emily: That secretes stupidaphetamin

Jade: Well.
Jade: I think it's disgusting when people idolize serial killers.
Jade: So I'll give them something to idolize.
Jade: No
Jade: I don't think I would kill the people who idolize serial killers.
Jade: I think I would go after the people they love
Jade: And see if they still idolize killers.
Jade: Fucking bastards.

Emily: ECKS DEE.


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:: 2006 17 May :: 10.27pm
:: Mood: Terribly amused
:: Music: asdasasd

"We eat out too much."

Watch it.

Get on the floor.



Do you think we decided right?


:: 2006 15 May :: 8.04pm
:: Mood: Victorious

Eli has found a new game on his cultsite which consists of a boy or girl telling their ex that they still love them, then saying "Just Kidding". Results don't vary often and are almost always amusing. Eli and I conspired against Robbie, the unsuspecting boy-child whom was targeted. Robbie's a nice kid, I suppose, but he did grope me that one day.. >---->

Emily: Robbie

Robbie: what

Emily: It's Emily. I've been meaning to tell you..

Robbie: oh ok
Robbie: lol

Emily: Eckk.. well..
Emily: Jesussss.. lemme JUST ASK. x---x
Emily: Will you.. er... go out with me..?

Robbie: woah, is this really emily?

Emily: Y-yeah.. <--<;;
Emily: Well.. er.. will ya?

Robbie: uh, sure, i guess

Emily: You don't know how long I've liked you.

Robbie: :3
Robbie: my devilish good looks

Emily: Yeah.
Emily: Well. I was just kidding.
Emily: Thanks, though. <3

Robbie: ouch, that was mean

Emily: Love you, Robbie ^-^

Robbie: i am so confused right now

Emily: xDDD

Robbie: i fucking hate this game


I will admit, that was pretty bitchy of me, but it was damn funny.



Eli: No that was Emily
Eli: But you just got pwned

Robby: uber-pwned

Eli: XD

Robby: that was creepy

Eli: More liek
Eli: Your heart skipped a beat

Robby: lolol

Eli: then was shattered like glass against the floor

Robby: moer like Emily is a bitch and i'm gonna pay fat disgusting people who hang out at lost realms to BRUTALLY RAPE HER

Eli: Aww poor robbby

Robby: theres gonna be cunt punting tomorrow

Uhh.. I'm scared?
No, not really.

Knock on wood.. >-->


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:: 2006 13 May :: 5.15pm
:: Mood: Icky-ish.
:: Music: Shower sound

Friday Off
Yeah, so. I actually got up at 9 in the fucking morning without any sort of goading or incentive. Wow, right? I know.
The thrills don't end there.

So I got up, ate left-overs from the night before ( Keithander, his familia [sans papi], and I went to dinner ) while watching CSI and Naomi came over. So we're chillin'. We watched Amityville Horror - soooo good ^-^ - and then we went upstairs to get ready for our 'double date', persay.

We ended up both wearing spaghetti strap shirts, and for any of you who know Emily, this is a break-through. The only time she wore spaghetti-straps without awkwardity in public in the past year or two was that one time during last summer with Jade. Long live SYC..? XDD
I'll uphold that "legacy".

Anyways. So we get out and Emily's ALSO carrying a purse. Emily HAS lost it. Kthnx. We get to the movies and Keithander and Victor are already there - and Keith already had our tickets? WHAT? Jeez, it's like we're fucking going out or something. Though we all know that Keith and I are married. Kthnx.

So Keith and I walk into Ice Age II. It was pretty cute. What made it better was the little kid near the front who was explaining rather loudly how global warming worked - the whole theater chuckled. So's we get out of the movie and I find a fucking SNAKES ON A PLANE poster - I freak out, it's now my phone background - and I see Naomi in the bathroom.

And I'm like "So your movie's already over..?"
And she's liek "No."
And I'm liek "Then.. what are you doing in here..?"
And she's liek "... I donno." and walks out.
And I'm liek "... XD"

So Keith and I went into the game room and took our so-sweet-you-could-rofl-and-barf picture-booth shots just to consummate the date. Lollerskates. Then we played ze DDR. Gewd stuff. Other than I pretty much had to stay on standard .___. GHEY.

So we leave the game room, waiting for Na and Vic to get out of their movie, and there's good ol' Michan! I grope her a few times, get some odd stares from her male-companion-whom-she-probably-wasn't-dating, and she giggles at our disgustingly-adorable pictures from ze picture booth. They go about their way and Na and Vic get out of their movie and then we go to the beach.

You heard correctly.
Emily.. went to the beach.
Don't get me wrong, it was JUST at sunset, so I didn't ruin my hard-earned pale, but.. the beach.
Sand x---X;
Water X---x;;
Buggies .___.;;;
But it was fun, I'll admit.
I enjoyed myself.
The moon was beautiful, too.
Pretty much orange as the sun was setting, so it glowed nicely on the water. Then it turned white and still glowered against the sea.
Na and Vic were SO CUTE ^------^!!
They were allll swimmin' in the ocean together in the moon light and Keithander and I were just liek "Aww! They're so cute and young and not married like us!"

So that lasted 'til about 10:30 and Vic had to go home. Naomi made off with a pair of his swim trunks. xD He got a few kisses goodnight, I suppose. Keithander's parentals drove Na and I back to our house, and though we were DEAD tired, we found the will to have some sort of meal.
And it was DEFINITELY good.
Cold Publix barbecue chicken, DP/Sprite, bread, and "Dibs" or whatever they're called - little balls of chocolate-coated ice cream, omfg, soooo good.
Then we went to bed about 12.
'Cause we were REALLY TIRED.

Today, we got up about 11:30 am -- good stuff. I don't know what's possessing me lately, all this up early, to bed early nonsense. But we were up none the less. Omfg, I have HELLO KITTY POPTARTS. xD
We watched a couple more movies - Bless the Child and Stuck on You, which was pretty amusing.
We went upstairs and I went back down for laundry and some kitchen-cleaning 'cause I feel bad sometimes if I don't do it. Naomi just took a shower and here I am.
About yesterday's many break throughs.

Eugh, I think I have a hickie.
Thanks for keeping it below t-shirt level <3


Au revoir, mes petits!
J'adore vous.

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