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11-29-2003 04:56pm

I signed my own guestbook. Because... nobody else did.

I love you, Justine.


12-12-2003 10:16pm

I just had to say that I ran across all that stuff you said and it was like reading everything I wish I could remember to say or type or whatever, know what Im saying?. That shit is fucking awesome and reminded me about alot of feelings that I still have by I guess I try not to recognize. From top to bottom that is almost everything I feel, say, and do. Thank you for the unintentional reality check. Its nice to know there are some people out there that feel almost exactly how I do. Thats all. Thanx truancy


12-18-2003 10:03pm

It's me again. Don't mean to be buggin ya or nothin but I dont give a shit. You seem Like a pretty cool girl to chat with, even though we aint really chatted before. I would kinda like to get to know you a little better, if thats cool with you. If not, just let me know and I'll hit the road. Otherwise, my name's Jerrod, and my email address is: <-- (the fuck?) I'd like it alot youd do so.
Maybe I'll hear from ya later.
Bye :)


03-09-2004 11:10am

Hey Justine, im signing ur guestbook cause i love you! You know.. we used to talk alot, but now we dont talk as much. How come? I hope we are still friends. :)


03-09-2004 02:48pm

Hey, I just wanted to tell you how priveliged I feel to be able to read your thoughts and opinions and how much I enjoy talking to you. Yeah.


03-09-2004 04:12pm


i enjoy your rants, they are just fun.




03-09-2004 05:06pm

Hmm... what to say to the guestbook of Justine. How about you rock, don't ever change. Your journal quite often expresses how I feel but in words I never seem to find. So keep on writing... rant on sister!! ;)

I love you Justine



04-17-2004 12:58am

YOu posted in mine so i guess i [as in me] am obligated to sign yours. Yes i do believe so...

You rock



04-23-2004 08:57am

hey, i was lookin thru interests of nightmare before x-mas and i saw ur user name as a quote from Linkin Park.. i read thru ur interests and all i have to say is "Dude, you rock!" lol.. i guess i won't bother you anymore..


01-31-2005 09:24pm

"Douche, douche, douche!" - Justine
That's all I have to say.

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