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Angel_Bob (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2003 at 7:31pm
Since I can't even write in my journal without being blasted by my "friends", I'm just not going to anymore.

Expect a note from me tomorrow addressed to all of you.

No, I won't be at the spot. But if you need me then you'll find me.

Oh and I'm so sorry to say this, but not like you'll care, I don't consider any of you my friends anymore.
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x, 09-01-03 7:49pm

Don't listen to them. They suck like whoa. I heart you!!! =)

~> Mina <~

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09-01-03 7:56pm

i'll always be there for you rachel chan, you know i always will...

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werrd, 09-01-03 8:18pm

and i barely know you, but i heart you regardless and if you ever need anything ill be there for you! ^_^ ::hugs::

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09-01-03 8:53pm

Rahcel I am always here for you... talk to me sometime soon...

If you ever need me I'll be here

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09-01-03 9:02pm

everyone needs friends... I don't want you to leave!

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Re:, 09-01-03 9:08pm

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09-01-03 9:15pm


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09-02-03 2:15am

It's true I barely know you..but I feel like a do from the things you type on this web designed journal. Your entries really get to me, and like all the others, I feel as if I should say this too:
I heart you

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09-02-03 2:31pm

Sorry about whatever happened. I don't know you in real life, so I can't really offer any advice, but you seem like an awesome person. Good luck with the future.

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Re:, 09-03-03 9:37pm

I too will always be here for you Rachel.
*huggles* I love you hun.

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