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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2006 at 5:28pm
I've been thinking. This weekend was really really great. I've got a cyst on my ovary, but that's okay.

But I'm realizing this. I hate drinking and drugs. It's all so stupid. And I'm not just saying that because I've never tried it. But I really do think it ruins things. When I'm drunk I get in trouble or I cry or I think I'm dying. When I'm sober and see drunk people I think, "what's the point?" And I'm always uncomfortable at parties where people are drinking. They scare me and it's boring. Everyone acts so stupid. Plus it's illegal and can get you into all kinds of trouble. People who are allowed to drink get used by people who are younger. Then there are the people who keep me up all night because it's Thirstly Thursday. I like sleeping. I don't like hearing your gangsta rap coming down the pipe at three in the morning while you sing along. I don't like finding girls passed out in front of their doors. I don't like people thinking I"m weird when I decide that tonight is not a good idea.

And I'm all for making weed legal, just so we can stop wasting time and money. The war on drugs seems like it's mostly bullshit. It could be regulated and people could actually make a profit without getting in trouble. But I know it's more complicated than that and also probably too late, but it would be a nice birthday present. As of now, it's screwing up my family, and it's the most horrible thing. Don't tell me that I'm wrong. I'm just so sick and tired. It's breaking my heart.
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02-12-06 8:33pm

screwing up your family? oldsters or youngsters? i won't press you about it, i guess. it's family, which i'm not, so i'll leave it be. but if you want an ear, mine are marginally wax free and super-duper-eager to sponge up the mundane.

and i agree with you to a degree... i mean, there's stupid drinking and there's fun drinking. stupid drinking is, well, stupid. but there's fun drinking too though... and it's just a matter of doing it with other people who feel the same way you do... where you're comfortable with each other, and your surroundings, and the key is moderation. you don't drink to escape reality, you drink to relax. that's the difference.

with dope, i dunno. if it helps you relax, then cool. i was super paranoid that everybody would know, and kinda lost touch with planet earth, which is more than just relaxing. but you don't NEED either of those things to relax. so, i agree with you there. you can do fine without it, and that doesn't make you weird to not want to partake... or to not even enjoy partaking. because i'm with you... except there are times when partaking can be enjoyable. just have to know when. and, more importantly, with who...

i miss you beans. : (

i love you beans. : )

i ate beans with dinner. : |

(emoticon overusage? guilty as charged)

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Re:, 02-12-06 9:19pm

spud, you make me so sad and happy. i love you. i'll talk to you soon.

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02-12-06 11:40pm

*hugs from a forgotten friend* i love you sarah we had fun back then. but speaking of all this drugs and drinking bussiness. i agree with chris on the aspects of fun drinking if its in moderation with people you trust and feel comfortable around. and i dont think anyone should ever be so drunk they pass out in front of their doors and left for what may come of them. and if you drink to escape your pain then you shouldnt be drinking its a recreational thing (ruined that word sorry) but its not meant for an excuse to feel like things aren't real for a while. and drugs...i dont know about that at all *hippies may say its a product of mother earth to be used *others may say its a drug and should be treated as such, meaning not touched. i dont think i really have a stand point on that. ive tried weed. its nothing special i mean i dont see how people can be so addicted to it like its the means of breathing. but whatever. im sorry your tired. college life seems to be sucking for you. *hugs* love you much. (o and by the way im not saying that you forgot about me, because im as guilty as anyone of not trying to contact you. i mean neither of us seem to want to or anything so sorry just forget it)

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:-), 02-13-06 1:35pm

Oh Sarah, did I ever tell you how awesome you are?
I totally agree. Drinking is stupid. Drugs are really stupid. They just get people in trouble. It seriously makes you stupid. I'd probably be a lot smarter. We don't need more stupid people in the world. I'm kind of disappointed in someone.
You can enjoy life without something that "makes" you think you're enjoying it.
I love you! :-D

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02-13-06 11:00pm


drugs can screw up peoples lives. i don't know how i feel about all of it. it usually changes by the hour.
like seriously on second i'll be thinking about how it's not that bad. but then i'll think about it and i'll get really pissed.

fickle. i am fickle. i don't want to be a horrible friend. if you come home i promise to be sober. and cute.

i don't know. i agree with chris and all. i gaaah..
i miss you.

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