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stinko (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2006 at 4:30pm
so mitch told his friends that i am a lesbian.
im ok with that.

perhaps i should try it out next semester when robbys away.
heck maybe ill just try it now.
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10-12-06 12:26am

you know you go both ways

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10-12-06 11:56am

i havn't herd that your a lesbian yet...

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10-12-06 4:57pm

ugh. i know! just because you make out with 15 different girls on a daily basis, somehow now that makes you a lesbian! hahahaha j/k :-)

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10-12-06 10:41pm

I havent seen you in forever

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10-13-06 10:05am

ok so it is true.
i guess i just haven't come to terms with being a lesbian yet.
well . . . now that the cat's out of the bag . . .
who wants to date?

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Re:, 10-13-06 5:27pm

*raises hand*

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10-14-06 8:47am

the thing is, they all believed me.

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Good plan, 10-21-06 10:36am

Just remeber you have to share you new women. No fair keeping them to yourself

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