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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2006 at 11:11pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Rewrite
Subject: Woohu is dramatown?
Thats my thought after looking at a few of the posts on my friends list.
A lot of my friends seem to be wrapped up in the whole, "I drink and smoke pot to pass the time!" and it kind of disgusts me. But, whatever, lets just skip past that.

This week has been brutal. This is the most work I've had to do ever, and its really taking a toll on me. I find my roommates to be incredibly annoying, even though they are doing nothing wrong. I hit my head on my bunk, and upon doing so, Jarrid asked if I was ok. I think screaming, "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE" was NOT my best option. My patience is wearing very thin, and it looks like I'm gonna average out another C semester.
I started pumping out my 15 page short story...but unfortunately, but it would be more accurately a 30 page story...ish. The main character also is pretty much just me.
The point is, I'm tired and just want to relax with some Wow or somethin.
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12-07-06 10:23am



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12-07-06 10:29am

OMFG N00B!!!!!


the answer is obvious IMO...violent masturbation and or punching bill in the nits

"at least you HAVE a cock...i mean, DAMMIT!!!"

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12-07-06 7:50pm

WoW is your anti-drug. :)
Too bad it's more addictive than CRACK!

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Re:, 12-08-06 3:29pm

Note quite, but last I knew the DSM's next revision was going to consider listing internet addiction as an official disorder. Or rather, fit internet addiction into one of the exsisting ones.

I wonder if they would perscribe some kind of barbituate or something for the withdrawl time? Eh - ohh well.

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12-10-06 1:15pm

looks like you need to smoke some weed...

naw, i'm just fuckin' with you.

as rueben said, always nice to hear from you. the fact that you don't post about every little annoyingly mundane thing in your life makes it worth reading, on the rare occasion that you do post something.

what's your address? i'm thinking about sending you guys a christmas card, since to this day your mom is the only person to ever send me mail while i'm away at school.

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Re: Huh, 12-10-06 4:40pm

Well, as tempting as it is to hand out my address on the intertron for all my enemies to see (You know who you are) I'd rather you just called me on the 18thish and we hang out when available. Or I'll call you, if I can figure out what I did with your number.

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