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Upchuck (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2009 at 5:50pm
Does anyone have any thoughts on what a "traditional" American is?

I mean everyone probably thinks they know this it they substitute typical or conservative, but what do think a traditional American is?
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02-06-09 2:14am

Family, baseball, and hot dogs. Sandlot is traditionally American I'd say. That and a League of Their Own. School and farms and summertime. I think a hard labor worker is genuinely American. Blue collar. But not necessarily country. Traditionally we're intelligent and liberal coming from Benjamin Franklin. We promote freedom like in Martin Luther King Jr. and we promote capitalism in buying and selling goods makes a happy home. (well... not now, but maybe previously)

Did I miss anything?

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02-06-09 3:42pm

The traditional American is a marketing ploy.

Its usually dependent on what your trying to sell at the time, and who's trying to sell it.

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02-06-09 4:39pm

When I think of the 'traditional' American I think of:
white picket fence,
two story house,
mom and dad with 2.2 kids and a dog,
a mini van out front,
the kids are involved in a sport or dance lessons,
the dad carries a briefcase,
a golden shepherd prances through the lawn...

Maybe that's not 'typical' at all in fact, I think it's just maybe a 'stereotypical' thought that many Americans think they want to have when they are 'grown up'

The crazy thing about America is there are SO many different 'types' of us..crazy redneck, huntin, fishin, flag raisin, church going folks,

and then you have good ole' new yorkers who are incredibly liberal and find the rednecks offensive and too traditional.

Hm. Good question though. But as I recall my high school teacher Miss Ahmed saying "Is America a melting pot or salad bowl?" and we continued to debate the topic the whole semester... :P

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