I luhv
mah Daw Daw!!

Ali jean ur the best thing thts eva happened to me. I luv u wif all mah heart <3 In the end I want to be standing at the beginning with you
I can't stand being your second anymore.
Not when you're always my first.
Whoever said happiness came with sunshine
has never danced in the rain.
Your a dream come true, don't you ever leave my side, cuz it feels so right
Ali Jean Brittany Jay Becky Dawn Sidnee Brandy Stacey
Tiffany James Adam Kristie Amber Chelsie Malissa
Steffanie Elizabeth Brittney Taylor Mike Brianna Savanna
Chris T. Derek S. Melissa Jennifer Tammy Danielle Kyle
Rachel Lizzo Amber Ashley Ethan Heather Nicole
Britty ur the reason im alive, I would be nothing w/o u. I luv you soo much


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Sometimes i wonder is this pain worth it..

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:: 2004 21 June :: 12.58 am
:: Mood: rejected

this is copied from livejournal..
Jesus how can you care about someone soo much but they could care less about you? I need *were going to call this person sunshine they will know who they are* sunshine. I need them more than anything, i really do. And she doesnt even care about meh anymore. Now that she has her!! I mean i have a new like best friend too but sunshine hates mah new best friend, it would be alot better if i could hate her new best friend too.I wish i could hate her new best friend soo much, but shes a sweetheart, and after just talkin to her, theres no way that i can hate her. I meah shes perfect for sunshine, jus like i used to be. We used to be soo close, i thought taht we would be friends forever, i thought taht we would seriously grow up together and never truely be apart. But i guess that i was wrong. But i guess theres nothin that i can do, i mean ppl grow apart rite? Things change, and so do ppl. I always thought that we would change, i jus always thought taht we would change together. I am like nothin without her, and no matter how gay that sounds its seriously true. I feel like i have nothing and i am nothing. I guess tahts wat you get for making someone your life. I guess that its time to move on..but i cant. I really cant. I have no idea wtf to do. So for now, ill jus cry, and cry, and cry some more. <--I jus dont know how im going to live without her.

--> i jus need to know wat to do, wat am i going to do withot her? I cant imagine anything without her. I jus wish things could get bak to normal, i wish that things could go bak to the way they used to be, i wish that i could have mah sunshine back!! *If you read this, tell meh what im supposed to do without you, i know you know who are you, so jus tell meh wat to do!! I dont think i can live without you*

Urgh well ima jus go to bed n cry or sumthing..and Ali jean if you read this DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA!! Dont go off thinkin that i hate you, cuz i dont!! i really dont i luhv u soo fuckin mcuh and u mean a whole hellof alot to meh, so dont think anythin diff, i do luhv you!! Its jus..i jus..urgh u know wat im tryin to say..I jus luhv u and ims orry dont get mad at meh ='(

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:: 2004 14 June :: 1.12 am
:: Mood: hyper
:: Music: Foolish --ashanti *old i knw*

Cant get no better than being here wif you..
Well lets see here, nothing really going on. got mah new livejournal perrtty. Very happy with mahself lol. Thans to steph n ash. <3.

Though i still luhv woohu..soo much. Mah background and everything there, is just AWESUM!!! wheeee hehe. =) I think ima keep woohu going too tho. Depends. We'll see =)

Got mah hair done today, its lovely. Well not really, well yea, i dont know, havent decided yet, i dont know bout th brown, but the highlights are cute. =p lol. Wanna see? Course course, everyone wants to see ugly ass meh *that ryhmed omg lol*

Read more..

Well time for bed, or mayb ill stay up n talk to britt whie she doesnt hate meh lol. I <3 u britty. Well nighty night every1.

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:: 2004 11 June :: 1.04 pm
:: Mood: depressed

Brittany marie gamester i luhv u more than ive ever loved anyone ur the best friend that ive ever had i dont know wtf i would do without you plz dont leave meh, plz plz plz seirously you are mah life, NOBODY ELSE!! Your mah best friend, i dont knwo wtf to do i luhv u mroe than anything i cant live w/o you plz dont do this to meh i dont know wat to do, plz plz plz ='(

I need you in mah life, id ont give a fuck who i have to give up jus for you, i would give up anything and everyone and i will if you want plz jus dont fuckin leave meh, plz oh plz. Id be ntohing without you, plz. Omg ims orry im sooo soo srry plz plz plz dont fuckin leave meh!!!!! ='(

I take anything and everythign ive ever said bak jus plz dont fuckin leave meh britany marie gamester!!!!

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:: 2004 10 June :: 10.55 pm
:: Mood: uncomfortable

How could i live w/o you..?
Well today was, uhm shitty. mah 2 best friends gettin into a huge fight Wif meh stuck in the middle Oh well, it aint got shit to wif meh. let em argue. i aint stickin up for nobody

Brittany Marie, im soo srry for everything. I hate wat happened, and im soo sorry for not stickin up fo ryou 2 babii gurl. I really am truely sorry and i hope u can forgive meh i luhv u.

Ali jean im sorry to u 2. Im sorry that u went through all dis shit. And yeah i still luhv u more than anythin, but, its juss ur talkin shit bout britt, and dats uhm mah best friend, (one of) and u know how much she means to meh, i jus cant believe u would do dat to meh. But i still luv u and hope u dont hate meh.

And malissa babes, im really sorry for not talkin and for being a bitch and for everythin. I know im not surposed to be sorry but i still am and yeah i luv u soo much sweetheart. your the besterest. *mwuz*

<33 Jillane <33

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:: 2004 10 June :: 3.52 pm

Fine fuck it, both of you go ahead n hate meh!! I didnt fuckin do anything, but go ahead n hate meh, ill jus fuckin leave!! ='(

I thought u were btoh mah best friends?! ='(

3 And i fall in love again.. | Then i see your face

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