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:: 2003 24 September :: 10.16 pm

why does everything ive been waitin for have to come at the completly WRONG TIME?

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:: 2003 24 September :: 8.24 am

I <3 Em..shes awsome n me n her r really tight this year..and she wants me to hook her up with kev cuz she knows i understand not to involve tha whole world and bcuz i know him really well..and no wut he likes n krap....and im sooo xscited for it becuz i love hookin ppl up!! its sOOo much fun :o) n i want em to b happy cz she hasnt liked n e one in a while :o/

if only it was anyone but the one guy im soposed to be with....

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:: 2003 23 September :: 10.56 pm

on the other hand..I LOVE YOU JILL! i hope we r always best friends cuz i kant imagine even a day without you!! really, i love our understandin for each we kan kall each otha all this stuff n well jus be like i LOVE YOU YA HORE!! and its totally koo..and yea i jus love you so much thank u for EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME..i no u dont think uve done m uch but u really have...
you really really have.

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:: 2003 23 September :: 10.54 pm

wut a dumass.
her new sn is swiss cheese.
need i say more?

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:: 2003 21 September :: 1.34 am

15 thing people don't know about me...

1. My best friend is Jill(ane) Elizabeth Dahms
2. I dont like to play basketball. anymore.
3. I care about what people think of me.
4. I LOVE food!
5. I love talking on the phone, xspecially with Jill.
6. I have no idea what im gonna do with my life, but ive always wanted to be a vetrenarian maybe something to do with monkeys..or a surfer...thas all i no
7. i also HATE SCIENCE ! n all my science teachers !
8. I love stuffed animals. monkeys ex. but really any kinda stuffed animals. i love blankets to..i kant sleep wit jus a bedspread i havta have a blankey :o)
9. I really want to win one of those best things. alot. but i wont.
10. I cry. alot. not about things most people would cry about. but little thing that really dont matter.
11. I hate spanish.
12. I love teeny my baby punkins n my baby monkey!!
13. I dont like myself.
14. Sometimes, i do.
15. one gonna be somebody

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:: 2003 19 September :: 7.28 pm

i dont know what to do with myself anymore.
no one "gets" me anymore.
no one needs to get me.
i dont even get me.

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:: 2003 19 September :: 6.41 pm


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:: 2003 15 September :: 5.47 pm

SOMEHOW i have no idea how the how..but somehow a turtle got into our
thats really weird cuz we have a lania ((screen around our pool)) but anywho
so me and my mom r runnin around tryin to caTch tha lil basterd (who by the way is freakin fast!!) wit our skimmer..which fell apart 2wice.n we finally got it and it kept jumpin off but then we finally got it to hold still n then i fell backwards into tha pool and scraped my hip on the cement and have a huge skrap which burns like hell..n then we put it bak in tha canel n wen we got bak tot ha house we relise we left tha lanai door open and Coco (our dog) had ran off..she runs off everytime u look away i sware she LOVES to run but shell run around n get sooo muddy and end up gettin lost cuz she kan run for like 10 milez without gettin then me n mah mom go in tha kar to look for her and i see her hotel behind all tha billion hou$e$ n so were like drivin back and forth kallin her name...n we culdnt find her again so we go back home and there coco waitin for us to get bak and she never even left..she wuz sittin bhind tha coach tha hole time...ahhahaha and im still all wet n mah hip is cut open and so me and mah mom r jus laughin at our selves =oD it wuz funny =P

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:: 2003 15 September :: 1.11 pm
:: Mood: bitchy

woke up this morning.
felt the worse i have.
so here i am.

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:: 2003 14 September :: 11.57 pm

its almost midnite...
my head hurt so bad.
i havta go to school tomarrow.
i hate school.
i hope it dies.

mayb i jus wont wake up in the morning

sweet dreams, night night<3333 britty

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