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:: 2006 2 April :: 5.49am

i don't know how i feel about going to bed right now. i had a really fun night. and i'm just thinking about all the cool stuff i'm going to do next year and it's making me tres 'appy.

here's a short list
inturmural soccer
volenteering at the kalamazoo psychiatric hos.
being able to go to the SRC
dsk more
outspoken-maybe a real member this time
social work stuff
hopefully arcadia again
big sisters
gilmore stuff
getting one of my minors
make a wish club with jenna
doing welcome week or orientation or being an RA

i'm gonna be living with meghan and i don't have any not so suite mates. aaaaannnnddd. i have a really cute boyfriend.

what a nice nice nice life.

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:: 2006 1 April :: 10.45am

okay okay okay.

my papel is all turned in. not up to the minimum length requirement. but there's only so much stuff you can make up about biculturalism.

so now i have to practice piano. yuck. i really hate piano with my whole soul.

and i have an oral exam on tuesday por espanol. yee haw.

jenna's gone and that makes me sad. i think i'm going to have to sew her to my body. that sounds nice. and not creepy at all.

what else do i have to do?

i have dsk tonight. i'll be driving for the first time.

and i have to take down all the posters of Mr. Golden Sun because they're making my heart ache.

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:: 2006 30 March :: 8.02pm

you may not know this, but my humps is a good song to walk to if you're late for class and live two miles away.

11 minutes suckas. eat it.

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:: 2006 29 March :: 2.23pm
:: Music: eisley

i could understand why i might have high blood pressure.

cause it's the end of the year so the shit is hitting the fan in a hardcore manner.

on top of everything else that's happened in the last two weeks.

i've got a paper to write for stupid hispanic culture dumb class.

i have to practice piano and stop pretending that i know what i'm doing.

i have to make up some conversations in spanish, so i can talk about them.

i have surgury two weeks from yesterday.

i still need to work.

and also have a decent social life.

and start bringing things home.

and get a new job. and deal with all the dealies that are dealing right now.

good times.

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:: 2006 26 March :: 5.03pm

sprialing into hopelessness. i need a nap. i need a break. i need motivation and a good cry.

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:: 2006 25 March :: 12.10am

the more time passes, the more devestated i feel.
i just keep reliving that moment and it's the worst feeling i've ever had.

a child is dead and you keep telling me to get over it. it doesn't matter that i didn't know him for very long. kids take a lot less time to love. i don't know how to get over it. i don't know how to make it stop hurting.

i see his face. i see the car. i see the woman driving without her license. and i see the young mother who doesn't know what to do. and i hate this place. this world.

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:: 2006 21 March :: 9.31pm

WARNING: Hypocrisy ahead
I know that I am supposed to feel compassion for other people, but I just cannot take this. He is constantly complaining to me about not having found the love of his life. About how sad he is. About how nobody knows the real him. And then he tells me he doesn't want anyone to know the real him because it would make them sad and he doesn't want other people to be sad. And he says all this to me only using about half of the words correctly and misspelling the other half. Every day he is complaining to me, and all I can think of is "do I complain this much? If I do I need to stop if I want to keep my friends." I just want to smack him, and I think that makes me a bad person...

And yes, I realize that just by writing this I am complaining. The difference is you don't have to read it, and even though you just did, at least you don't have to respond and try to make me feel better.

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:: 2006 18 March :: 1.23pm

at least i'm doing something for phillip. i can't sit around and be sad.

i miss him though.

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:: 2006 15 March :: 5.29pm

nothing feels right. i'm doing normal things. i'm hearing normal things.

but phillip is dead and gone. and he was only four. and he was so smart and funny and beautiful. i always thought when phillip grows up he's going to be so cute. no. i don't know what to do. i don't want to do depressing things. i don't want to cry. but everything is so shakey.

nothing else is even important today. i love the peepers more than ever.

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:: 2006 13 March :: 9.04pm

I had the greatest weekend ever (well, since last summer at least). It was definitely the weather. Spent the night with friends on Friday, then we (Cassie, Terry, Mikey, & Sarah) spontaneously decided to go rollerblading on Saturday. Mikey and I didn't even have any so we had to go to Meijer to get some. We went 8 miles, which was stupid to do since I haven't rollerbladed for years and years, and now my legs hurt. Then I went with Cassie to Terry and Mikey's mom's house. She was drunk so she was funny. It was a good day. I can't wait till the weather stays nice and I can go out all the time. And I love you honey =]

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:: 2006 13 March :: 1.02pm
:: Music: jack's mannequin-the mixed tape

oh how i hate piano. do do do do do.

nevermind though. i've got bigger fish to fry.

i'm declaring my major monday the next.
i'm doing dsk, big brothers/big sisters and the walk for the homeless.
and i guess i'm going to be voulenteering at the hospital in endoscopy with my dad. and safe on campus when i get ahold of dorris dirks.

no job yet, but at least i'll have things to get into grad school. and i have a place to live. zimmerman: room G15. it's close to the SRC. and that's good for me.

surgury on april 11th. fun fun.

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:: 2006 10 March :: 12.04am

You are a

Social Liberal
(61% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(10% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

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:: 2006 6 March :: 10.25pm

i've done a good jorb todizzle.

i applied at walgreens, bed bath and beyond and hollister. and also i'm going to volonteer at the hospital.

yay yay ya yaya.

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:: 2006 6 March :: 3.10pm

not unhappy. just disapointed.

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:: 2006 26 February :: 1.21pm

i've gone completly off my gord.

but seriously? fucking sheets?

i feel like such a waste sometimes. and also a psycho. i don't know. i need to start voulunteering or something. or maybe declare my major. hmmpt.

i want to work this week. i fianally got Gabe and Adayja to start talking. And i got Paigen to do her tasks. uuuuggggggggg.

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