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:: 2005 22 May :: 12.49pm

i need to get away from it all.. its killing me..

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:: 2005 19 May :: 5.22pm

seniors 'o5<3 im goinggg to missss themmmm sooooo muchhhhh ='[

their last day todayyy.. yuck.. good luck girlsssss

i <3 youuuuuuu

wont be the same w/out yousss ='[

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:: 2005 13 May :: 8.00pm

ohhh man this is greatt<3 wayy tooo truee
You Know You're From New York City When...

You say "the city" and expect everyone to know that this means Manhattan.

You have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.

You can get into a four-hour argument about how to get from Columbus Circle to Battery Park at 3:30 on the Friday before a long weekend, but canít find Wisconsin on a map.

Hookers and the homeless are invisible.

The subway makes sense.

You believe that being able to swear at people in their own language makes you multi-lingual.

You've considered stabbing someone just for saying "The Big Apple".

The most frequently used part of your car is the horn.

You call an 8' x 10' plot of patchy grass a yard.

You consider Westchester "upstate".

You think Central Park is "nature."

You see nothing odd about the speed of an auctioneer's speaking.

You're paying $1,200 for a studio the size of a walk-in closet and you think it's a "steal."

You've been to New Jersey twice and got hopelessly lost both times.

You pay more each month to park your car than most people in the U.S. pay in rent.

You haven't seen more than twelve stars in the night sky since you went away to camp as a kid.

You go to dinner at 9 and head out to the clubs when most Americans are heading to bed.

Your closet is filled with black clothes.

You haven't heard the sound of true absolute silence since the 80s, and when you did, it terrified you.

You pay $5 without blinking for a beer that cost the bar 28 cents.

You take fashion seriously.

Being truly alone makes you nervous.

You have 27 different menus next to your telephone.

Going to Brooklyn is considered a "road trip."

America west of the Hudson is still theoretical to you.

You've gotten jaywalking down to an art form.

You take a taxi to get to your health club to exercise.

Your idea of personal space is no one actually standing on your toes.

$50 worth of groceries fit in one paper bag.

You have a minimum of five "worst cab ride ever" stories.

You don't notice sirens anymore.

You live in a building with a larger population than most American towns.

Your doorman is Russian, your grocer is Korean your deli man is Israeli, your building super is Italian, your laundry guy is Chinese, your favorite bartender is Irish, your favorite diner owner is Greek, the watchseller on your corner is Senegalese, your last cabbie was Pakistani, your newsstand guy is Indian and your favorite falafel guy is Egyptian.

You're suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you.

You secretly envy cabbies for their driving skills.

You think $7.00 to cross a bridge is a fair price.

Your door has more than three locks.

Your favorite movie has DeNiro in it.

You consider eye contact an act of overt aggression.

You run when you see a flashing "Do Not Walk" sign at the intersection.

You're 35 years old and don't have a driver's license.

You ride in a subway car with no air conditioning just because there are seats available.

You're willing to take in strange people as roommates simply to help pay the rent.

There is no North and South. It's uptown or downtown.

When you're away from home, you miss "real" pizza and "real" bagels.

You know the differences between all the different Ray's Pizzas.

You're not in the least bit interested in going to Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Your internal clock is permanently set to know when Alternate Side of the Street parking regulations are in effect.

You know what a bodega is.

You know how to fold the New York Times in half, vertically, so that you can read it on the subway or bus without knocking off other passenger's hats.

Someone bumps into you, and you check for your wallet.....

You cringe at hearing people pronounce Houston St. like the city in Texas

Film crews on your block annoy you, not excite you.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from NYC.

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:: 2005 9 May :: 10.01pm

happy birthdayy kriss<3333 i loveee youuu =]

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:: 2005 5 May :: 10.55am

i really need to update this more often..

yesterdayy was the seniors last home games!!! ='[ aww they have 10 days left of school =[ imaa miss themmm<333 we got balloons nd cards and signs for them nd decorated the dug out soo pretty =] kristin held up her own sign lol i feel badd.. ahaa sarah's said SCOTTiE KNOWS lmaooo =] i'll see sarah after they graduate.. ally too.. softball for the other league.. ahhhh its sooo sadd =[

kristin did something stupidd last night.. nd she still wont tell me what.. grr im getting annoyedd lol

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:: 2005 16 April :: 9.32pm

noo way it could get crazier than today! kait<3 bffl sickk day girl =]

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:: 2005 9 April :: 12.43pm

kait slept over last night.. woww a lil too crazy.. nancy got scaredd shes never seen that side of me before lol.. hysterical night kait<3

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:: 2005 28 March :: 4.05pm

goinn to chrissy's on wed-thurs.. tomorrow i think kristin's comingg.. friday im probably gunna be with ali so the rest of my week is pretty much bookedd.. if u wanna do somethinn gimme a call.. today im just chilling cuz i didnt get enough sleep last night.. but yeaa saturday nd sunday free.. i think.. who knows.. call to plan somethingg.. later

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:: 2005 26 March :: 7.41pm

lmfao kristin struck out again in a deli.. shes havinn really bad luck this week

i couldnt stop crackin up

she said her and deirdre are goinn to see erin to try to get something.. i think its madd funny tho lol..

i aint with em cuz i feel like im gunna hurl lol if i drink somethin i'll puke it up lol.. i feel kindaa bad im not out since kristin's here from sheepshead =[ i wanna go hang out with them.. but kristin's gunna be in a bad mood if she doesnt get a drink lmaoo =] ooh well she's coming in again on monday.. if i aint better by then i'll kill myself.. omgg im looking forward to tomorrow nd next week so much we're gunna PARTAYY lol.. kristin's gunna call me when she gets home.. hopefully i wont be too asleep to feel it vibrating lol.. that happens sometimes.. cuz its under my pillow and.. aaah forget it do you really care? im out.. later

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:: 2005 26 March :: 4.38pm
:: Music: as long as you're mine<3

last night was pretty cool.. only one of kristin's friends came but thats ok.. my mom was pissed at me though so that kindaa fcked the ride home.. it was quiet.. i was madd tired though.. i didnt really fall asleep until like 1:30 so i slept til 1030 finally omgg i couldnt lately i dunnoo why.. too used to having to be up at 6.. eeww..

kristin's coming to bay ridge tonight but i dont know if i can go out.. its the night before easter.. she picked a bad day lol.. she aint coming in til 7 so.. yea.. i dont really feel that great either.. kristin's gunna be mad at me if i dont come lol.. oh well.. i'll make it up to her next week..

the only thing that sucked about last night.. is that we only got our hands on one beer and there was four of us lmaoo.. and it was onee of the small bottles.. and kristin drank half of it lmaoo stupid alcoholic lol

im gunna go.. i dont feel that great.. be on later probably.. call the cell <3

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:: 2005 25 March :: 1.25pm

yeaa big group of us goinn to sheepshead today.. wooop its me, deirdre, kristin, kristin's friends, kaitlyn, kait's friends liz, maria elena, and maybe megan.. julia went away what a loserr lol.. gotta get ready.. one

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:: 2005 24 March :: 2.44pm

soo in case you're wondering why i said that yesterday was gross.. we walked in that disgusting weather thru prospect park ((me kristin julia baker nancy and deirdre)) to baker's house ((from the school in park slope to windsor terrace.. ew longg)) nd we were gunna go get somethinn to drink but the guy wouldnt sell it.. nd baker got mad cuz shes gotten stuff there before but she aint allowed in lmao dont ask.. so yea.. kristin came back to bay ridge with us but deirdre had to go home for her sisters bday and kristin didnt really feel that great so she went home nd julia decided to, too.. soooo yea.. im goin to sheepshead tomorrow to see kristin.. so we'll probably go get something then.. gotta clean the room today so i can go out tomorrow.. later<3

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:: 2005 23 March :: 7.20pm

gross.. that describes today.. pureee grossness

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:: 2005 22 March :: 8.00pm

aaahh britt tore a ligament nd the teams goinn down the drain slowlyyy..

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:: 2005 19 March :: 4.38pm


yeaa last night was friggenn hysterical nd we were gunna do it again tonight but it didnt work outt.. kristin cnt stay over cuz my moms mad cuz i have too much hw nd stuff nd im like grrr but oncee the vacation starts we're gunna go crazyy.. tomorrows the bay ridge st patricks day paradeeee yeaaa man kristin's marchinn so imaa go too since shes never in bay ridge.. i think dee's gunna be with her too so its all good.. clare & roe maybe.. i dunnoo.. its gunna be off the hook though!!!

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