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:: 2005 16 November :: 9.44pm

Things are going so well right now. <3!

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:: 2005 27 January :: 11.20pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: The sounds of Final Fantasy 8

Just a quick update.

Glad to see a few of my old commenters returning to me. ^^ -Kissu- Missed you all. -Sneezes- I hate this, I've been sick for like..four weeks. I'm about to head off to bed, but...I wanted to say that my boyfriend for two weeks broke up with me today. x.x My older boyfriend Kris broke up with me three weeks ago after a two year relationship. ._. -Sniff- Oh, my luck with relationships is down right horrible. I'm currently infatuated with someone whose taken, rather sad. ^^ But, it's weird. Everytime he let's me know he's happy, I'm happy. <3 He's sad, I'm sad. I'm very empathetic towards him, which is something new for me. x.x
If he told me that he'd be happy if I jumped over a bridge into a sea of rocks, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's a bit sad really.

;-; One of my best friends is mad at me for no apparent reason. -Le sigh- I just want her to be happy to. So, I'm clinging desperately to a bottle of tequila and blinking back tears trying to be happy for the sake of the guy I'm infatuated with. He's in a good mood, and the last thing I want is to take that away from him because he hasn't been very happy as of late. I think he knows I like him more than I should. Which is embarassing and reliving all at the same time. o.o

I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that something bad is going to happen tomorrow. -Frightened- Last time I felt this way, a tornado hit my town. x.x It was scareh. >> And they're talking about another ice-storm hitting us, which is very ironic, no? Maybe I'm just paranoid.

-Le sigh- I'm so horribly lonely and confused. I just want to curl up in a ball and ignore the rest of the world sometimes. .-. Oh well...hopefully I'll manage a more happy update sometime soon. ^^

Oyasumi minna-san!

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:: 2005 18 January :: 3.26pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: The BloodHound Gang- I Wish I was Queer

Molestation on a Tuesday Afternoon
Just popping by for the sake of saying hi. o.o;; So, Hi.

I find it amusing that woohu is like...elite, now. I swell with pride just knowing I'm part of the UBER JOURNAL COMMUNITY! -Snort-

Mm, well. Today was nice, I molested a Asian guy. xD Yummy.


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:: 2005 16 January :: 9.58pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Mindless Self Indulgence- Bitches

Okay, so I just updated. But, I'm horribly lonely right now. I wanna cuddle, but I have nothing to cuddle with and it's driving me up the wall.

Like I said before, I feel painfully lonely, and I don't do well with that.

-Le sigh- I'm like...coughing up my lungs here. >.<

Wait~ Somebody wonderful is online. I'll go harass him now. -Scurries off with a trail of happiness behind him-


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:: 2005 16 January :: 9.49pm
:: Mood: Unwanted
:: Music: Mindless Self Indulgence- Faggot

I feel like the potatoe chip that fell on the floor and nobody wants to eat it.

._. Can I really be such a bad roleplayer that /nobody/ wants to roleplay with me anymore? I mean, I tried so hard on a character and an intro that people might like.

My friend says she'll respond.

Awhile later, she comes up with an excuse to try and make someone else respond so she can get out of it.

If they don't want to roleplay with me, why not just fucking say so?

._. Then theres the fact that all of my roleplays on the site are dead/ the other roleplayers 'forgot' about them. I know you probably think it's a petty thing. But, my week has sucked and this is like...pushing me over the edge.


Honestly, I'd appreciate sincereity more than anything else right now.

-Le sigh- I'm lonely and sad, not a good combination since I'm mentally unstable. I'm technically not supposed to ever be left alone to my own thoughts, because they turn me into a "danger to myself and others". Thus the reason I was stuck in a mental instituation for so long.

Oh well.
It's all just a new song to play.


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