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:: 2005 17 March :: 1.52 pm
:: Music: Get Well Soon - Heimlich Maneuver

blah/hurray/the Gimmes
Wasting time. Wasting days. I'm in a comp lab on campus wasting time. I saw Me First and the Gimme Gimmes on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the guy whose name the tickets were under fractured his spine while snowboarding. It was sad. He was pissed that he couldn't make it. He called and faxed his ID and a signed note, though, so that Mike and I could make use of 2 of the 4 tix. Hmmm... I think I'll copy and paste. Mike took suuuuper blurry pics with his cameraphone but I love 'em anyway. Yeah. It's a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes concert thing if you want to.

Ok, so I spent most of the night trying to find 2 other people who wanted to go. Problem was, people were at work, were too far and have no ride, had 8am classes tomorrow, or were so high that they could barely function. Yeah. I called this one guy, and the conversation was predominantly him whooping things like, "Yeeeeehaw! Yeeeeeaah!" until I asked, "Are you feeling ok?" and he said, "DUUUUDE, I'm feeling great! I just smoked a ton of hash!" I sighed a lot... and spilled Gatorade all over my shirt.

Mike didn't show up until 10:22. We got to Slim's at 10:35. Parked 2 blocks away. Saw a ton of people outside, waited in a very short line for the box office. Got tix. Tried to sell extras to no avail. Everyone had 'em already, and there was another guy also trying to sell his. Went in to a totally packed room. Waited until some fat dudes came around and followed 'em through the crowd towards the front. Music was pumping, and a dude behind me did a dance that made me feel like I was seasick, and was very much like humping. My leg. Ummm... ugh. Mike got bored. I smiled encouragingly.

11:15pm. The Gimmes finally take the stage. Been drinkin' and waitin', apparently, b/c they decided to play when they were s'posed to instead of before. Y'all, we could've saved the whole nearly-hour-long wait. Joey Cape (Mike: "He's dreeeeamy!") attempts a ska version of "Stairway to Heaven". It sucks. He really does look like Kyan. Anyhow, first song was all Led Zeppelin-y. Second song was "the second gayest song ever written", which was... Over the Rainbow. You know what's funny? When you see some dude with a mohawk moshing his brains out and getting really excited as he belts out the part about happy little bluebirds. Hilarious. Banter about Hawaii and their authentic Hawaiian shirts. Cracks about ice/crystal meth. Cracks about Christian Rock, which led some members of the audience to boo loudly while I laughed. Probably shouldn't have, but what's a girl who alternates between atheism and agnosticism to do? Oh, right. They were about John Denver. Umm... what else? The Gimmes think the Beatles are overrated, and that SF citizens love Barry Manilow and showtunes. Hell yeah. "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" is "the gayest song ever written", apparently. If you have a problem with 'em saying the word "gay" and joking about God so much, you're probably from San Leandro. Fat Mike started Fat Wreck with $14,000. See, you learn things when some kid hollers insults and he gets pissed off at 'em. Spike takes German, Italian, and cooking class. That's right, fool. Joey is still tiny. The dude from Minor Threat took Jake's place. Wait. You need more detail than that. Ok, so Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, + a gazillion other bands you know and love) stepped in for Jake. Ukelele ("OOOO-kelele," says Spike) was brought out for "I Believe I Can Fly". Maybe that's why they spent so much time in Hawaii.

Sigh, I couldn't get a setlist. Off the top of my head, and in no particular order...
Stairway To Heaven
Over the Rainbow
End of the Road
Leaving On a Jet Plane
Come Sail Away
I Believe I can Fly
Auld Lang Syne
All My Loving
Country Roads
The Longest Time
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Rocket Man

Show ended around 12:20am. They were drunk. They decided to continue with the drinking at a bar down the street and invited all of-age persons to join 'em.

Stood in line for merch. The guy next to Mike had on a black Descendents "Cool To Be You" shirt. Super awesome. Mike tried to convince me to get a Dead to Me shirt, even though we hadn't seen 'em or heard 'em, just b/c it looked cool.

Post-concert high. I don't care if the goth man thinks it's creepy; I'm gonna smile when I want to, gosh darn! Messy hair. Most of you will never see the braids again, so enjoy/make fun/whatever.

I know, I know. All the live pics kinda suck. Mike was behind me, so I had no idea that he was even taking 'em, b/c I was dancing/rocking out. I'm glad he took 'em, though.

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:: 2005 7 January :: 10.17 pm
:: Music: Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

and i don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
Hey, I'm 20!

One A, three A-, one C+. I cried. Those grades are shameful.

I'm in Pismo Beach. I heard it'd be raining, so I didn't pack a swimsuit. There's a storm going on right now. Around noon today, Cor and I decided to take advantage of the outdoor spa anyhow - in the middle of the storm. Cor changed into her swimsuit, but I had to make do with my camouflage board shorts and a black tank top. "You look like you're in Hawaii," said Cor. I grinned and said, "I'm naked underneath." "You're not wearing underwear?" "Closest thing to skinny dipping I'll ever do." So it was, and so it would be, that we were the crazy Asian chicks who jumped into the outdoor hot (very hot) tub in the middle of a Pismo Beach storm. We even considered going to the beach, since it was only two blocks away. With the ocean and undertow going crazy, however, we decided against it.

I've been blowing off guys left and right. One of these days, I'm gonna find me a good one.

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:: 2004 11 December :: 1.40 pm
:: Music: Extinction - Ignominy

Broke out the 7"s from high school days. Hardcore. How righteous.

8-10 page paper due Monday. Good grief!
Pizza, then curry, then spinach soup = stomachache. Don't attempt it.
I like geeks.
It was so much simpler when guys weren't interested.

3 finals this week: Marketing 431 at 8am Monday, Information Systems 263 at 4pm Wednesday, International Business 330 at 10:45am Thursday.

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:: 2004 3 December :: 6.06 pm
:: Music: Manic Hispanic - Rudy Cholo

she misses his chorizo
I can't deal with the touchy-feely junk.
It seems abnormal.
I hope he's not offended.
Somebody get me a book.
Sometimes the nicest guys are the most idiotic.
I want someone to sing Nick Carter's "Heart Without a Home (I'll Be Yours)" to me. If, however, it is a crappy rendition, that person will be severely mocked.

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:: 2004 8 November :: 5.03 pm
:: Music: Diesel Boy - Lime Green

she's hot... yeah, if you like clowns...
I gave in and stopped studying to watch Freaks & Geeks. "Noshing and Moshing" is a great episode, with the music of Black Flag, X, and a special appearance by Diesel Boy. So what if Diesel Boy wasn't around in 1980-81? It serves its purpose.

Cor got me The Portable Dorothy Parker so I'm a very happy little girl.

It's so darn cold, and I'm so very alone. Well, that's what a day of studying is for, so I should probably get back to that...

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:: 2004 25 October :: 7.57 pm
:: Music: Wrecking Crew - Why Must They?

I'm so addicted to everything that's bad for me. You know I'm tainted, marred, painted over with black. Black eyes, black heart.

Group presentation tomorrow. I'm nervous. I hate public speaking.

Cor and I had a discussion about attractiveness. We both like guys who look like trouble, but are truly nice. She says I'm the girl version of that. I don't really look like trouble, though... not too much, anyhow. BHB was the epitome of trouble outside and sweet inside.

xxpun kangEL86XX: it's the irony of me writing junk like that,
xxpun kangEL86XX: when all i wanna be
xxpun kangEL86XX: is the mac make-up girls.
xxpun kangEL86XX: it's like that story of the fox and the grapes or whatever.
xxpun kangEL86XX: where he says it's sour just 'cuz he can't get it.
SweeTzK333: dude, you wanted that?
SweeTzK333: do you still want it?
xxpun kangEL86XX: wanted.
xxpun kangEL86XX: it was high school.
xxpun kangEL86XX: now it's just like, whatever.
SweeTzK333: haha i guess i kinda wanted that, too ;)
SweeTzK333: of course, i only found out the function of concealer this summer, so i guess i had no idea what i wanted ;)
xxpun kangEL86XX: LOL.
SweeTzK333: ...or maybe it was foundation
xxpun kangEL86XX: you're so funny.
SweeTzK333: either way, i think i know now!
xxpun kangEL86XX: lol.

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:: 2004 12 October :: 1.48 am
:: Music: The Sick - Straight Ahead

Diet #826459 in progress. Goal? Lose 15 lbs so I can be thin like all the other pretty little Asian girls. Darn them. I'm jealous.

Ouch. These bracelets are sharp.

CountgaryG: is it wrong for me to think of you when i'm playing this game , and a blink 182 song comes on?
SweeTzK333: yes, very wrong
CountgaryG: k.

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:: 2004 27 September :: 8.04 pm
:: Music: Mental - Get An Oxygen Tank

My mother is crazy. My dad called her out on it, and it wasn't pretty. I am a scapegoat. It's fine - I mean, whatever keeps her from pulling a knife on him, right? Oh, and vice versa. Same difference. They're both violent and it's better if they take it out on me.

The Moon Festival is tomorrow, so the whole family is getting together. Let's see if they can be civil to each other, or if she even shows up. It's a dang celebration, so they'd better behave. If not, my grandma will cuss 'em out. She's cool.

I'm never getting married. I don't want to be contractually obligated to a lifetime of torture, where the only way out is divorce.

A-'s on all my midterms. Dang. It's hard to whine about this, but really, it isn't. I totally wanted A's, not some wimpy A- crap. Good grief. I'll have to study.

The new Green Day album is ok. I've only listened to it once so far (no time), but I usually don't warm up to albums until the third listen. I've been listening to mostly HC, in an attempt to drown out the screaming. It doesn't work.

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:: 2004 20 September :: 10.46 pm
:: Music: Holding On - These Hallowed Halls

Dude. Who even reads this? The MHS crowd is on Xanga, and only select people know about this. Yeah, you're special, you freaks. Seeing as how you're ones I trust (either being very close, or very far) I should let you know that there's a new journal. I simply couldn't take it anymore.

SweeTzK333: nobody can comment, so it's just a place for me to write, and even if you judge me, it's won't be on the same page
xxpun kangEL86XX: that's cool.
xxpun kangEL86XX: this journal is so discrete.
SweeTzK333: also, no stupid comments like "lol" or "hi!" just so they can get eProps or a comment back
SweeTzK333: and nothing to tarnish the context of the entry, as ____ sometimes does

I'm slightly harsh in those entries b/c they're more like the regular journals I keep. If you read every journal, you're either bored, or you really like me. I hope it's the latter.

Oh yeah, and don't take it personal if you think a journal entry is directed at you. It probably is, at a subconscious level, but don't worry about it. You're cool.

will that be ALL?

:: 2004 18 September :: 1.28 am
:: Music: The Killing Tree - Them's Fightin' Words

we count the years on circles under our eyes
This song is so damn relentless.

You don't know what it's like to be me until you're huddled in the corner of your room, biting your lip to suppress screams, waiting for the tirade and blows to subside.

This past month, I've run into people who I haven't seen since high school, and they're like, "You look so different. You're pretty." Hurray for not being the ugly girl anymore. I have pretty hair now, I use nail polish and eye liner... and I still feel ugly. I'm so sick of this. Why do I even bother? It won't change the messed up girl I am inside. It's a mask for me. Don't look into my eyes, but stare at the angry charcoal lines around 'em. Dude. I hate it, and it's become a part of me.

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:: 2004 13 September :: 12.46 am
:: Music: Enemies - Sore Thumb Syndrome

Opera In the Park today - free at Golden Gate Park. Amazing. Dave Matthews Band also played free at Golden Gate Park today. I didn't go to that, but I'm fairly sure Karen was there. I like opera. Dave sucks.

I'm seriously obsessed with colored vinyl. Like, I got this Real Enemy - Attack! 7" from ebay, and when it came in the mail, it was yellow vinyl. There's only, like, 45 of those. I was expecting one of the normal ones, so I was super happy.

DeAtHkNiGhT87: whats up
SweeTzK333: nothing
DeAtHkNiGhT87: o ok
SweeTzK333: what's going on?
DeAtHkNiGhT87: nothing

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:: 2004 2 September :: 2.19 am
:: Music: Descendents - Hateful Notebook

do you see each snapped synapse?
SweeTzK333: by the way, you're right about depression
SweeTzK333: it really does spark artistic thoughts
xxpun kangEL86XX: doesn't it!?
xxpun kangEL86XX: if you're happy, you don't need art to express what you're feeling.
SweeTzK333: then again, chuck palahniuk looks really happy in his picture... and we know how he writes... =P
xxpun kangEL86XX: i know, he always looks happy, but you know he's fucked up in the head.

xxpun kangEL86XX: ken says not knowing who lagwagon is is like not knowing bad religion.
xxpun kangEL86XX: i think he's wrong.
xxpun kangEL86XX: isn't bad religion more popular than lagwagon?
SweeTzK333: bad religion is actually on the radio
xxpun kangEL86XX: now he's going on a spree about how people who listen to music turn into the music they listen to and how it shouldn't happen.
xxpun kangEL86XX: damn, look what i started.
SweeTzK333: then again, i don't listen to alternative radio stations, so i don't really know if lagwagon is on mass media
xxpun kangEL86XX: i don't think it is.
xxpun kangEL86XX: me first and gimme gimmes, yes.
xxpun kangEL86XX: but i doubt lagwagon.
SweeTzK333: but i listen to everything
xxpun kangEL86XX: you don't see me wearing a cowboy hat.
SweeTzK333: so i turned into a druggie (diana ross) juvenile delinquent (hardcore/punk) who likes to skank (ska) around tractors (country)?
xxpun kangEL86XX: lol, excellent!
xxpun kangEL86XX: you'll nab a guy in NO time!
SweeTzK333: let's not forget that i'm wearing a viking helmet (opera) and that the non-bling (rap) around my neck complements the dancing queen (disco/abba) inside of me
xxpun kangEL86XX: LOL.
xxpun kangEL86XX: that's so great.
SweeTzK333: if you copy that over to ken, he'll think i'm even weirder
xxpun kangEL86XX: lol.
xxpun kangEL86XX: yeah, probably.
SweeTzK333: go ahead
SweeTzK333: you might as well
SweeTzK333: i have to live up to my Weird One status
xxpun kangEL86XX: hahahaha, he might get mad that i talked to you about him.
xxpun kangEL86XX: :-P
SweeTzK333: goshdarn! *snaps fingers* ;D
xxpun kangEL86XX: hahaha, i know man.
xxpun kangEL86XX: that was gold.
xxpun kangEL86XX: the stuff you just said.
xxpun kangEL86XX: :-P

xxpun kangEL86XX: hahaha, you'll be a great girlfriend!
SweeTzK333: with my ever-present freak-outs and anxiety and insane random comments that really don't need to be said aloud?
xxpun kangEL86XX: of course.
xxpun kangEL86XX: a guy'll find you delightfully quirky
xxpun kangEL86XX: and fall madly in love w/ you.
SweeTzK333: he'll be like, "this girl is a whirlwind, she's weird, and she's giving me a headache... this needs to stop"
SweeTzK333: and i'll probably walk too fast ;)
xxpun kangEL86XX: DElightful!
xxpun kangEL86XX: yeah, that might be a problem.
xxpun kangEL86XX: you're going to haf2 find a jogger.

I've been dumped for a whore and she's such a bore that she makes me snore.
"Put out or get out". Dang, man.

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:: 2004 27 August :: 2.42 pm
:: Music: Contra - Boys Club Anthems LP

i am not your perfect model
I love hardcore. I got Holding On's "Just Another Day" on green vinyl. It's so pretty. And it sounds really angry and I like that.

So here we begin the academic semester, where I try so hard to kill myself and get good grades.

Tahoe was fun. We hiked a heck of a lot. Vikingsholm was nice. The arcade at Harvey's (Sammy Hagar's casino) was awesome. I killed Catherine at air hockey and DDR, but then, she's way better at Pac-man, Captain America, and all those REAL arcade games. We blew $7, but it was worth it. Cat urinates a lot. She's my best friend and I love her, even if she has to go every half hour.

Ok, I'm using my sister's laptop, out on the lawn, trying to get a tan, and the neighbor's gardeners are staring. Gotta go.

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:: 2004 7 August :: 11.31 pm
:: Music: Arma Angelus - Misanthrope

You know what sucks? Everything sucks. That's right. Descendents had the right idea.

I've been running by myself for so long that running with Nina is weird. It's definitely nice, though, sweating it out with someone else. It's smokin' hot at 9am. =P

L-Sa and I do stupid stuff. We take stupid pictures like this one in photo booths...

me on the left smiling big, louisa on the right just smiling. Barf.

will that be ALL?

:: 2004 2 August :: 1.46 am
:: Music: The Real Enemy - Missionary Position

we won't mosh in your church if you don't pray in our pit
I'm quitting a job. I still have 3 more. I've never quit before, so it's weird. I had to ask my dad about this letter of resignation business, but I have a fairly good one, considering it was written in about a minute. L-Sa will quit, too, in due time (say, about a week after I do). CB sucks.

Lately I've been listening to hXc and it will be the death of me. I broke out my 7" collection. It was fun. My mom yelled that the music gave her a headache. I danced. I crashed into a wall. Cor laughed. Hurrah!

Stiff Little Fingers and Sick of It All may be in my future. Cliche? Heck yes, but I've been without a concert for way too long, and Nina, my PRP partner in crime, will be back tomorrow! ;D

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