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:: 2004 15 November :: 11.56pm
:: Mood: intrigued
:: Music: something corporate

japan next summer... wow.
school is hard and i'm tired yet i still stay up late when i don't have work to do.
i have a new love interest and he might interested as well.
danielle in a steady relationship? we shall see. not getting hopes up yet.
teachers amuse me.

the end. i'm alive. <3

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:: 2004 8 November :: 5.43pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: One Minute Man-Missy

i just thought about the really funny conversations i been having lately..first it was on friday's bus ride home and me amara and amy talking bout how i was gonna have bi-racial babies..tattoos and piercings..and today with me and amara beating each other up in bio cuz theres nutten better to do..and with amy flippin out on the bus driver..cuz we had to take 1368768 other kids home..and with sam its just random giggle attacks cuz we're just weird like that and trying to talk to each other across the room in spanish..teehee..it's been a funny couple of days..thanks guys..x0x0

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:: 2004 7 November :: 2.06pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Oye Mi Canto-N.O.R.E and Nina Sky

we lost the effin game friday nite!!!!!!
errr..it was 40-29..we were kickin ass the first half..but after half time..i guess boca had sum crunk juice after half time cuz then they kept scoring until they beat us..err..it was a damn shame..anyways..i had fun cheering..we didnt stunt though..sorry amy!!..:(..maybe u'll see at a basketball game or something..lol..i saw soo many old boos last nite..i saw jermell..anthony..charles..and BRYAN!!..ahhh..they all looked so good!!..i didnt see byrd until i was leaving the game..he was up against the fence..and i just happened to look that way when i was looking for my moms..and then i saw him..i can't even imagine the look on my face..oh god..lol..but then i went up to him and he gave me the biggest hug ever..and we talked..i got his number and he was like "i really hope we can chill soon"..wow..lol..great nite..today im going to cheer gym hopefully i'll learn a back handspring..hopefully..lol

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:: 2004 3 November :: 5.25pm
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: Encore-Jay Z

omfg..i can't believe bush won!! this sucks some major ass..we really needed a change in our gov't and i truly believed kerry would be able to do that for us..another four years with bush.. :( ..hopefully things dont get any more worse than they are now..(doubt it tho)..errrrrrr...

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:: 2004 2 November :: 4.58pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: Diary-Alicia Keys

ai yai yai yai yai.........
it has just hit me the kind of drama i got myself into and how all this can seriously blow up..errr..this fucking sucks

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:: 2004 2 November :: 4.43pm
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: Turn Me On-Nina Sky n Pittbull

thanks meli for inviting me to ur homecoming!! it was alotta fun!! i went to west boca's homecoming saturday nite..which was so much fun..they had richie rich..the babalu bad boy dj-ing!! i was like omg!!..lol..they're so lucky..me and meli got to take a pic wid him too..so that wuz koo..i hung out wid her eric and cynthia most of the night..but i floated around meeting up with old friends from middle school..i saw alot of people there..it was koo..i even saw sum ppl from ATL..lol..like jeff!!..he's doing good..i just didnt kno that he was down wid eric and them..lol..and eric's cousin JJ..wowwwwww..cuteness right thurr..lol..i met him over the summer and thought he was cute but at homecoming..he was all dressed up and everything..he looked so fine!! too bad he's got a girlfriend tho..:/..yesterday was halloween..me sammi and amara did the thugged out "gangsteritas" look..haha..we looked hott tho..rockin them baggy pants, bandanas and backwards hats!! hellz yeahhh..lol..we went dressed up like that to see the grudge..oo wee..these two were scared..lol..i was too..but they freak out..itz so much fun going to see scary movies with u guys!!..lol..jumping, screaming..but just dont hurt me too bad amara..haha..lol..all in all it was a good weekend..hope u all racked up with that candy!!!

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:: 2004 30 October :: 10.39pm
:: Music: Jesus Walks

my new layout
simple isnt it? i think so.

my worst academic quarter so far. its horrible. and i hate not knowing whats going on with you people. but i've accepted it. i've accepted it for awhile. and i've accepted that when i'm down there i can be your best friend but its so different up here. i hate it but i can handle it. dont worry i can take care of myself! now somebody tell me how much winter break you have left so i can attempt a comeback.

it'll be refreshing for me and for you.

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:: 2004 27 October :: 11.05pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: ..my b0o -->> aLiCia kEySz .n. uSheR..

. UPDATE!!! .
0mg, it's benn f0rever siince i wr0te in herre. well, everyythiing has benn g0iin alriight. my leg is back t0 n0rmal nd my j0b isz the same 0ldD shyt. sch00l isz gettiing hardD nd i miss last year m0re than anythiing. last year was the partyy year. didn't give a shyt b0ut gradesz nd 0nlyy went t0 sch00l t0 get fuckedD upp everyy m0rning. i t00k everyythiing f0r grantedD ndD i wasn't h0me EVER. i changedD al0t thru0ut the year. i met a l0t 0f new pe0ple .. awes0me pe0ple at that nd we all became s0o cl0se ndD n0w we have all g0ne 0ur 0wn wayysz nd it suxx. this year, i'm takiing everyythiing seri0uslyy ndD my weekendD s0ber nd wit my b00b00 miKeYy. i l0ve beiing wit hiim but there are tiimesz where i juss wish i c0uldD g0 back t0 th0se amaziing weekendDsz but i cant. s0o me nd miKe are d0iing g00dD cept t0dayy isz the last dayy i g0t t0 see hiim untill next tueSdayy cuz he is 0ut 0f t0wn f0r hisz new j0b. nd he's g0nna be all the wayy in 0RLAND0!!! but i dunn0, it sh0uldD be a g00dD weekendD. me nd eRbeaR are guna be chyllaxiing ndD i'm makiing sum m0neyy 0n satuRdayy cuz i'm w0rkiing 0vertiime. will be a G00D paycheck. newh0, i'm g0ne t0 bedD. niGht . xoxo

<33 SiSi
miKe, i l0ve y0u s0o much ndD imma miss y0u! xoxo

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:: 2004 21 October :: 7.27pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: elliott smith

it's amazing how its always overreacting or not reacting at all. being in a crowd and being all alone. having so much to say but no words to say it. keeping secrets from everyone. i don't think itd matter much if i happened to leave. if i smile, its fake. if im alone, then thats how i want to be. can you tell when i'm lying?

and so you'd soon be leaving me alone like i'm supposed to be tonight, tomorrow, and everyday. there's nothing here that you'll miss, i can guarantee you this.

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:: 2004 11 October :: 11.10pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: rilo kiley - my slumbering heart

and i'm so tired.
i still have 7/8 questions left to go in psychology then i have to study for our quiz on operant conditioning that we have tomorrow...
...and i thought i had gotten a lot of stuff done this weekend.
at least i got the first part of my internal assessment done.
but by golly i will get my one A in trig and the rest B's for this nine weeks. i will. even if i don't ever sleep.
i will get away from it all this weekend and take a trip up to orlando this weekend with some lovelys. stress needs to be relieved.
i work too much. i have no more weekends. school or work. i need cas hours. screw work.

i miss crushing or even having a boy to look at. oh yeah, i don't have time for that though.

<3 i still love you.

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:: 2004 30 September :: 4.08pm

Beyone the Eye
Oprah is so awesome lol.

I wanna be in the audience one day and get free shit lol. I need a car!

Did ne1 get the e-mail from NHS? I didn't.

So was up?

I'm enjoying this time "off"

I wanna c Shark Tale. It looks good- maybe it'll be a family affair.

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:: 2004 25 September :: 12.29pm

mhmm. yes i have ignored this thing, but thats all going to change now. i'm turning over a new leaf damnit. i think with woohu i can really write because no one is going to read it. or the few people who do read it are the people i want to read it. but its not like i lie on livejournal or anything, maybe theres a higher level of comfort here. or maybe i'm just crazy. who knows. heres the story of my life.

school has been school, kind of dull but its exciting this year, being the last year of high school here and all. i just went to an assembly the other day where they said graduation is going to cost 130 dollars. it includes the cap and gown (but i think we only get to keep the cap) the food, renting the hotel where the ceremony is and it covers the prom ticket too. but still, its a lot of money and i can fundraise to cover the cost but that is a lot of fundraising. there are these books that we can sell that are 27 dollars but only 10 dollars of that amount goes to grad fees. i'll find out a way to do it. or i'll get a job.

oh my goodness on thursday, 4 weeks into the school year i saw Alexis for the first time this year. like i've seen her before but only out of the corner of my eye and thursday we really got to talk so it was nice. and then there was a party last night! Jen's birthday so it was at her house, in the basement. good people and good dancing. it was fun. but it was dominated by girls. 4 guys and only 2 of them did any dancing (myself included OF COURSE).

i feel....alright i guess. i've been single for like FOREVER. no but you really want to know how long? about 1 year and 1 month. so far i dont mind it, but things can change! so i want a date for prom, maybe not a girlfriend but a date. is that too much to ask for? i hope not. ok i'm done.


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:: 2004 25 September :: 12.57am
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: heh, i guess you could call it the sexual mix

so many things to say but i have no clue about how to say them or if they will actually be significant or not. let's outline the topics i need to cover (blame history and english for this). school, time, danielle, hurricane, insecurities. yess. i think i can do that.

so yeah, school. ok i feel like i can't say anything about school. danielle knows what i mean. lately i think she's really been the only one i truly talk to and the only one who makes me feel better throughout the day. i love all of my friends but everyone is so stressed out and i feel guilty because i can't help them. so i try my best to stay away from people who need to be alone with themselves because i dont wanna be all like "yeah i have 3 b's right now, i'm gonna die." because i know that they most likely have it worse. i'll just try to do my best to keep my mouth shut. i don't know how i'll do this quarter, really. i don't know if i can make straight a's. (yeah i know, dont even say anything) but i mean, i'm trying my hardest to remain hopeful and faithful so as not to crumble before i know the outcome. we shall see. maybe my parents will even be lenient. wow.

time. THERE'S NO TIME anymore. there's always something to do, somewhere to go, something to STUDY. i swear, it's freaking crazy. i don't know how some girls multitask so effectively. icc, snhs, art club, homecoming hallway decorations (mostly done by only yours truly because of this hurricane), nhs. is that it? i think so. i really am hoping to uhh be president of nhs. i signed up for... four committees? afterschool when kassie was helping me bring stuff to the car, she was all like "christina, you're really involved, you should run for office of something" and i told her about my nhs aspirations and she's all like "wow yeah that sounds awesome, you should totally do it, you should talk to kyle now." it was nice to hear someone who doesnt know me at all to encourage me. shrug.

danielle is possibly the most awesome person in the world. spending time with her makes both of us feel like sooo much better you have no idea. like it doesnt even freaking matter how long its been since we've spent time together, we can always find each other again. like yesterday, hanging out with her and then her staying for dinner and some good talks in the car. and then today like driving her car, getting mcdonalds, and lying in bed together. and she just makes me smile. then being with my funny parents and going to superwalmart and then seeing a nice movie... wimbledon. like its a really good end of the week.

can you believe this jeanne thing? it seriously pisses me off. i have sooo much work to do i can't even contemplate it. lets list it cause i have nothing better to do. study for FR of chem test, buncha calc problems, spanish hw, misc. english work, history reading/studying, 12 pages in the art journal. pppplus all the hall decorations i have to make in numerous quantities (such as stars, a marquee, movie posters, etc.). soooo yeah i got stuff to do. dunno where to start exactly. if i can get through it all... call me superwoman. sigh ...

im too tired to even outline my insecurities. lets just leave it to the future, when i'm sure i'll even have more to say.

i still feel alone in my heart. don't you?

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:: 2004 25 September :: 12.55am
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: tps - brand new colony

i really hate crying about school.
the thoughts about everything just won't go away and i just can't take it and just breakdown.
looking at those pictures from orlando, thought those could cheer me up, but they didn't.
i got my psych test back today and i was just like.... what am i going to do?
like i have no freaken clue.
how am i going to do this?
is it possible?
can this hurricane just take me away?


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:: 2004 22 September :: 10.39pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: konstantine

tears falling down my face for reasons no one could guess why.

its so fucked up and i remember when tears were from a broken heart, not a fucking broken spirit and loss of faith in love. what the hell have i become? i know you dont understand what im talking about. its just so lonely trying to pretend like i actually feel passion and love when im just trying to fool myself. i dont trust people anymore

and you don't wanna look much closer cause you're afraid to find out all this hope you had sent into the sky by now had crashed

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