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:: 2004 19 July :: 2.19 pm

hey you, I am sooooo happy right now u have no idea! like, last night Preston called me after church (I got to talk to Pete too:-D) and then we hung up and he called me back...:-) and we talked for a long time... and he wrote a song and Chris was reading it to me, and i was trying so hard not to laugh about the way he was saying it, but i started crying instead, it was sooo sweet......and he wrote it for me AAAHHHH!!!!! and then today,he called me...we couldnt talk long tho bc he was oon a brake......he is having band practice....

aw last night he was with chris and estone and i said hi to chris and estone was like u didnt say hi to me bc im white....hehe estones funny lol! but he played a lil bit of until the day i die for me on his guitar and thats me n prestons song (kinda) :-)
so once i get the lyrics for the song preston wrote, i will put em in here...
aw snap u guys, brett juss IMed me!!!!! we r talking bout NY........ok, well, i gotta go update my other journals and scan more pics so i will bbl....


:: 2004 18 July :: 9.44 pm

hello all! I am very happy right now hehe :)Preston juss called me a few minutes ago.......He was driving home with Pete and Estone and Chris....and as soon as i answered the phone preston was like i didnt forget about u...ahhh...he is so0o0o sweet!! hehe, then i talked to Estone for about 5 minutes......then I talked to Big Pete!!!!!!! Omg, it was great, he was all like "Preston had to get up in front of the whole church and talk about NY and he talked about u n the rest of the girls from cape coral (Pete called it like coral ridge or sumthin like that) " and i was like dont lie nuh huh yada yada yada and hes like no really he did, he said it was cool how highly we thought of them was funny.....they all thought I was sleeping tho.......bc my voice is so0o fucked up from screaming and w/e.....they still havent heard my real voice, bc i lost it the day we got there and I still havent gotten it back yet, so I juss need to kinda stop talking for a bit...I think I am sleeping most of tomaro so'll be my like only day to sleep in.....bc Sarah is coming 2maro!!!!! :-) yay i am so happy! hehe....and then I have a few days in between when she leaves and band camp and then my dad is taking me n kelci to bradenton to c preston i think for the day while he is with yeah thats cool...well, i am gonna go bc Estones on and i wanna tlk to him bou hanging out......oh, and wait, it sux bc Jordan cant go to ock the universe bc he wet to mcdonalds with out permission in NY and now he cant go on ne church trips....:-/ it sux, so i like will nvr b able to see him :'(....oh well, i will deal...ill still tlk to him i guess...k, well yeah thats it.....i still need help with the whole preston kirk thing


:: 2004 18 July :: 8.34 pm

...some one comment and help me out PLZ!!!!!!!
ok here is whats going on.....I started liking Kirk last week at the airport, and over time, it got into a bigger likeing....
then the next day, I met Preston, and that was like a like at first sight type thing, other than the fact that hhe was video taping me nothing bothered me bout him........and i started liking him lot too.....

now here is the problem...i cant like em both.....Kirk kinda likes me and doesnt want a gf at the moment.....but he will eventually and he likes me n i like him n we kinda juss like fit.......
Preston likes me alot, but he lives in Bradenton.....but we could work something out if we wanted to c each his sis drives....and tara lives up there, snd Sarah (H) would drive me and w/e......all i know is that we r getting to gether durring rock the universe....
....well, i gotta go now, so please comment and help me out....this is really confuziling for me and i need all the help i can get!


:: 2004 18 July :: 12.17 pm

haha me n preston were talkinga botu this story jessse told us about this girl jakie and this girl brittney and brittney liking off whipped cram from jakies bodie and we were juss like talking about it n i was like awwww and preston was like AW? how is that cute?!?


:: 2004 18 July :: 11.55 am

hello All..... I juss got home from church, this is prolly the longest time ive been home in A week! so yeAh, lAst night i went to get my pics developed, tAlked to Jesse And wAs funny, I left a voice mail on jordans fone with his song on it and he said he heard it when he got off the plane and everything was wuuiet and he screamed out thats my song and started dancing! omg, i could so0o0o c that!so yeah Evelyn went to MeAnAs And we spent the night there And i took A shower (And shAved my legs, All cuz of Kirk lol...nAw, bc i wAnted to too!) And did lAundry And I tAlked to Preston from about 11:30 to maybe 1:30.....I feel bad, bc I like kirk and I know that he doesnt want me to like Preston too, and then I talked to Lauren about it, and she said Kirk is right about me still likeing Preston, but idk if i do or not juss bc of the fact that we live an hr and a half its juss gonna be the same as me n yeah, idk whats going on, i do have feelings for him, and i am pretty sure he still has feelings for me bc he bought a key chain with my name on it to remind him of me :-) I almost cried last night bc i miss him so much. he as being so sweet to me, but he laughed at me like crazy! oh, i asked him if Estone liked Lisa and then Yaminah asked me "Does Preston like Sara" so i ASked him
me:"Does preston like Sara?"
him:"wait, thats me n u right?"
him:" yeah i did"

ah, i spazzed man, i wish he would have told me that earlier at camp, but he thought i knew he liked me, but yeah...i didnt.....I feel really bc i have a good memory and can remember our convos......:-/ man...him and Chris might be coming to cape coral next weekend bc Amanda (his sister) wants to come here, i think thats if he does, man, we r def hanging out, and this time, i WILL get to say bye to him.....I wanna c them so bad....and me n Kelci and Sarah are going to Bradenton on a 4 day weekend, and we r supposed to go c their band practice and hang out....n what yeah, he is supposed to call me today......idk if he will, but he said he would so im happy....!


:: 2004 17 July :: 8.33 pm

Hey yAll, i Am home now, its All so different....well, lAst night, Jerry, Kirk, ChristiAn,BeAu, Chris, Cody And Nick All got stuck in the room for 2 hrs! omg, it wAs greAt, cet the pArt where Kirk wAs stuck in there! Omg, when he got out, wow, I wAs so0o0o0o hAppy. He gAve me the biggest hug ever! And I wAs like whAt wAs thAt for And he sAid he wAs scAred lol...Ah, i told him thAt I liked him, wow, I wAs scAred it would be like lAst time, where he didnt tAlk to me, but it wAs so totAlly different! He sAid we were good friends And we cAn be friends with yeAh, im down with thAt, juss hopefully we cAn hook up....he got jeAlouse tho, when I told him I liked him ALl he Asked About wAs Preston! lol mAn, yAll hAve no ideA how much i miss him, jesse, jordAn, And Chris! I cAnt wAit to get my pics developed! YAminAhs gonnA try And get em developed tonight, i think immA go with her so imma leAve now, lAter...peAce


:: 2004 17 July :: 8.30 pm

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs die for
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...everlasting
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:: 2004 16 July :: 9.58 am

Hey Yall, im up in NY, its really cold, so yeah wekk has been fun, we r leaving tomaro :'( Ok, Friday we woke up at 2 and uhm, went got to the airport at like 7 or sumthin, and me n kirk and christian n baue were all hanging out (wow kirk talks to me now :-) and then we went on the plain and i had to sit in front of Elyse and Tom...ugh! yada yada yada then we went sight seeing and shoopping...and spent the night in a hotel (Jerry, luke, christian, baue and nick ggot stuck in a elevator ...aka helicopter (hehe tyler)these kids froom bradenton got here....I spazzed so0o0o0o bad lol.....and I met on that knows Brett....thats cool....his name is Allen....all of these ppl from bradenton look so familiar! its crap! ne ways, I met these kids by askin em where they lived bc i wanted to c if they lived by tara or mitch and none of em did, but yeah, Robbie and Jorden and Jesse came up to me and we were talking about it bc i asked them and preston was video taping us....then from like that point on, we hung out is so much fun, i really miss them...and we had alot of free time and stuff to hang out and worship, sunday we had worship and found out whose group we were in and what not...then monday + tusedday we stood outside in the rain and gave out tracks for this church....when we had our church disscusion time, it was weird.........but i learned alot up here, about God....I broke up with Todd bc he isnt christian and he thinks its for some other guy which it really isnt.......but that was a three day processs....idk, what else to say, uhhm, wednesday was boring and we went to coney island and that was soo0o0o boring, nobody wanted to be there thursday was fun.....we had our closing celebration, that was sad, i cried so bad, and me jordan jesse and brittany were dancing on our seets.......and i cried a lil bit afterwards and took a bunch of pics with eveveryone..........and then we packed and went to was really hard......I cried so much today bc i didnt get to say good bye to preston and jordan and jesse and them.......but I stood outside of their bus and when they drove bye, i waved and so did all of em :-) I cant wait till rock the universe now bc i will get to c them then, and we will keep in touch...ihope.....everyone has each others # so all is well....:-) kk, well, im gonna go there isnt alot of detailed stuff, but the week was fun.........oh, i found out i sleep talk! lol, i will write more bout that later.....k peAce...


:: 2004 7 July :: 9.18 pm

man, hey yAll.......I juss got home from my gmAs......tomAro is meh mom's bdAy :)....uhm, so yeAh, I Am leAving in two dAys woop woop, I Am so0o0o hAppy.....

dAng yo.....I hAd the freekiest dreAm!
The plAne thAt Todd And Chris were on going to Ohio crAshed, And they hAd seperAte funerAl dAys, so I went to Todd's And I tAlked About u know when u tAlk About how the ppl who died And how they influenced u And whAt not...? well, thAts whAt I did.......And todAy I wAs thinking bout it sum more....And, i thought About Chris's....And I sAw me n JessicA stAndin there cryin.....(YeAh, i cried during Todd's too.....dont think I didnt....)but me n JessicA were sAying stuff About him too, of course, she sAid more, since they r like prActicAlly mArried...n yeAh, it wAs juss reAlly sAd.....I hope it doesnt hAppen...I reAlly hAve A bAd feelin About them...:'( mAn thAt bugs me! I Am going to miss him when they go to Ohio........:'(..................iightii, well, im out...peAce....<<3

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:: 2004 7 July :: 1.34 pm
:: Music: how come...-Eminem

Hey yo........whAssup....I feel ghetto todAy lol, n idk why!!!! I went to drop TArA off At friggin like 8:16 AM (supposedly when we left my house) And then I went shoppin @ Ross And JC Penny's..... And now I Am home...tAlking to Kelcey.......hehe!!! :-) I am trying to get pictures for my journal..............
but it aint working...... :( ...............................
uhm, [Eminem]

How Come.. we dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We dont barely keep in touch at all
and I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grapevine.. We even Beefin Now
After all the years we been down.. aint no way no how
This bullshit cant be true
We Family.. aint a damn thing changed.. unless its you!

sorry, i <3 this song....:) okie, immA go n try to get pix for my journal....Awww, u know whAT sux........Kelcey wont be @ RTU this yeAr.....:( it wont be the sAme with out her.....:( mAn!!! no more stAyin up lAte giggling!!!!!!! mAn Kelcey, whyd ur mom hAve to go out with some dude who lives in friggin WAshington!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!! blAh, iight, im out, peAce........

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:: 2004 7 July :: 12.18 am

Hey bAbes! well, TArA is leAving tomAro....:'( ImmA miss her....hopefully I will get to go to her house either this summer or like X-mAs or sumthin...Today was pretty ehhh...We hAd to get up eArly And go out to look for A new dog.....we didnt find one yet...
:-/ ...then we cAme home, hAd some of my "suprise"...( I will NOT tell ne one what it is unless they IM me And Ask...) And went to go lAy out...SheinA And MeAnA cAme wAs ok......we got tAnned....:-) so thAt wAs All good...And then we cAme home And i hAd to go to bAnd prActice (...this one time, At bAnd And i cAme home, And we went to MeAnAs....and hAd more suprise.....meh dAd sAw me, but he didnt cAre.....quite u ppl who DONT know whAt my suprise is....if u thing its sumthin isnt*) And now we r home And TArA is gettin reAdy for bed, ANd I Am I will ttul luv...peAce......Oh, we r nAming our dog After TArA's sAying...."Kiddo" lol...:-)

I miss Brett so0o0o0o0o0o much!


:: 2004 5 July :: 10.16 pm
:: Music: burn-usher
Hey, todAy wAs pretty cool....we wAlked down to Russels And hung out with him n his brother, Billy...Billy is pretty cute :) And we juss hung out in his gArAge... And then we (me n TArA) went to SeAns And lAid out....then we cAme home And got reAdy for church.......thAt wAs cool I guess......I got to keep Austin's hAt....hAhA....then we cAme home, And me n TArA went to Russ's Agen And hung out with him n Billy Agen.....for like An hr this time.....then we left...they Are coming to my house tonight.....:) heh......And gonnA bring me A "suprise" idk whAt it is tho...oh well....And we r supposed to hAng out tomAro I think, idk if we Actually mAde plAns for thAt for sure yet....oh well, so yeAh, I Am gonnA go now, And wAtch tv.....peAce


:: 2004 4 July :: 1.05 pm

Hey yAll... nothin reAlly hAppened todAy....I went to church And sAw mAh bAbii gurl Kelcey..I missd her! so yeAh thAts bout is At MeAnAs.... :-/.... I reAlly HATE her!...well, hAte is A strong word, DISKLIKE HER STRONGLY! yeAh, tonight I hAve to work At red white n boom with her.... wonderful....hAh....but yeAh, I Am bored And dont reAlly know whAt to, lAst night i bAbysAt, And we were on the phone w/ Mitch for a while, thAt wAs kindA funny...And then we cAlled todd...Im kindA mAd At him...but thAts A dif. story....thAt wAs funny...........heh....

Aww, TArA tAlked to Brett todAy, And All I sAw wAs her tellling Brett thAt I didnt wAnnA go to CrAkle bArrel bc the plAce reminds me oh him.....And he sAid Aw ur gonnA mAke me wAnnA cry...or sumthin like thAt....I wAs like AWWW!!! I reAlly Am stArting to miss him Agen....:'( oh well, i will get over him eventuAlly....I still reAlly love him, And i found A quote thats like juss right for him...
: ` rEal lOve is when y0u can shEd tears
for him aNd stilL care -` he ignOred you
and y0u still waNt him.y0u see him with
sOmeone elsE and y0ur haPpy fOr hiM.
n0 mattEr h0w much y0u want him`

ok, well, yeAh, immA bounce.....peAce....


:: 2004 3 July :: 12.15 pm

helloz......Uh, yeAh, TArA is here...thAts cool......We went to McDonAlds, And this lAdy kept stAring At us, And it wAs reAlly Annoying! I hAd A Biscut egg And cheese thingy mmm, yumm....And yeAh, then we cAme here And me n TArA wAshed overheAds...oh, fun...she hAd fun tho lol....And now we r wAtching Thirteen (best movie ever!!!) And me n TArA Are going to the mAll lAter on todAy....And hAve to bAbysit....were juss mAkin money All over the plAce...:-) so yeAh, me n her Are All good now, And I Am glAd, bc we have been friends forever, And I would be reAlly sAd if we stopped being friends.........

I wAs At crAckle bArrell todAy (thAts where we pik TArA mom wAnted to eAt there but I sAid no, bc it reminds me of wAs kindA weird bc "The ReAson" cAme on As soon As i got there, And I wAnted to cry so0o0o bAd bc it juss reminded me of him...:-/ oh yeAh, immA go now...peAce...<<3


:: 2004 2 July :: 10.38 pm

hey, I got home from bAbysitting a lil while yeAh, I Am trying to fix my journAl, but it doesnt work too well......:( oh wellz.....bAbysitting wAs cool, I love my cousins soooo much....speciAlly Ben, he loves me so much, he is AlwAys hugging me n yeAh.....:-) we wAtched Ace VenturA....Pet Detective!!!!!!! lol.......but yeAh, I hAve to get off soon bc I hAve to cleAn my room :-/ the things i do for some ppl.....+ i hAve to get up eArly bc we r leAving to pick TArA up At 8:30...BINGO :-) lol, sorry, wAtching monk......oh, i wAs wAtching degrAssi...n they were doing a bAttle of the wAs reAlly cool....bc the girls song this song for uh, CrAig....and part of it went like this

"This song is A prize for breAking my heArt.
Should hAve written these words to you right from the stArt.
You sAy it dont mAtter, its All in the pAst."
And thAts All I cAn remember.....but I Am gonnA go on their website, And find the lyrics...bc its A reAlly good song.:-) Alrighty, thats About it, I Am going to go to And wAtch MONK now....nAw, jk, I hAve to go cleAn my room...o0oh, by the wAy, I Am not going bAck to NY After Missions Trip :-)......So I will be here when SArAh is here and everything....Alright, i Am reAlly going now...buh byez...peAce

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