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:: 2003 22 December :: 11.20 pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: 'Unbreak my Heart,' by Tony Braxton

I gots a cold
I am eternally grateful for things like Winter Break and such.. ^__^ Especially since I came down with a cold the day school ended. Gah. Hope no one caught it from me; my friends and I mooch offa' each other every day, so... I think the fact that I was walking around at night with a short sleeve on had something to do with it, ehehe. Ah well, least I have an excuse to lie there in bed and not do homework.. -cough cough-

Today was terrible, though. I woke up at 9:30 (goddamn) with a terrible headache and stumbled into the bathroom.. only to find that mucus had hardened on one side of my nose. Yeesh. To top it off my period had come (weeks early, gah) overnight, and.. well, you know the rest. Ergh. I'll probably be half dead on Christmas while the rest of my family frolicks about wildly around me.

To bed with me, g'bye!

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:: 2003 2 December :: 2.21 am
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: Closure, by Chevelle

Woo, I'm getting old!
Yes indeedy, today was the big day! I've been a year older for about seven hours now, "...old fogey" is what I am. Harrumph, yet I'm still stuck in the dump I call home with my parents. >>;

I got a hot guy wearing nothing but briefs, holding a sharpie and handcuffs in his hands with a vat of chocolate beside him - best present I've laid eyes on. Too bad he's a stick figure drawn on a Post-It note.. he was rather secksi too...

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:: 2003 29 November :: 5.42 pm
:: Mood: dirty
:: Music: Numb, by Linkin Park

w00t w00t
...I need to take a shower. A nice warm shower with pleasantly scented scrubs, body wash, etc. Or even better, a nice long bath with some candles and a bit of privacy. >>; Unfortunately, I'll have to be satisfied with a hot shower. Nothing more. >< Goddamn period.

On the plus side, it's my birthday on Monday, yay! =) So I went to the Grove yesterday to see "Love Actually" with a friend of mine and her cousin. d00d, her cousin r0xx3rz. Must run in the family... ahem. -feels gawky and stupid and ugly- Love Actually was really cute... Karl is one secksi man, one secksi man indeed. Then today I'm going shopping again... and then again tomorrow with friends for my 'birthday.' -snerk-

Mahh.. going to take a shower now..

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:: 2003 22 November :: 10.02 pm
:: Mood: uncomfortable
:: Music: You're So Last Summer, by Taking Back Sunday

My fingers are numb
So... that friend of mine and I made up; he came up and apologized first, even though it was my fault. =/ Typical of him... took the first step because he knew how much of a coward I was. Mahh... I love that boy; he's like a brother to me. -pet pet- But still... things seem to have changed between us... he doesn't talk to me as much as he used to... it's completely understandable, yes, but it still hurts. Hurts to see him laughing with someone else; talking to someone else... >>; Too possessive is what I am...

I got a LiveJournal - finally. Took me forever to figure out what the hell was what though; I'm proud of how it looks :D Fear not, however, I shall not abandon Woohu.... because it's too cool XD And Andy r0xx3rz my s0xx3rz. Yea.

Going to go thaw my fingers out and get ready to go to a concert tonight. XD I brake for local ska bands.

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:: 2003 14 November :: 10.21 am
:: Mood: listless
:: Music: 3 Libras, by A Perfect Circle

So tired of this all
Do you ever get that feeling? When you wake up in the morning, your mind kinda blank, kinda optimistic. "Hm, wonder what's up today?" And then a rush of... of... of that feeling just overwhelms you; life seems so pointless of all a sudden, it's all the same, why bother? And you end up feeling lethargic all day. Mm, absolutely hate that.

I thought life couldn't get more dramatic. But noo, I have to make up for years and years of an uneventful life in one happy week. ;_; Weep for me; I'd weep for you. Hehe. So. I got into my first real fight with a very close friend of mine: he's pissed off at me because I took a joke/certain topic too far (that should be the main reason, otherwise I'm clueless). Shit, I know what I did wrong, and I know what I should do, but actually doing it? I hate confrontation, sue me. -bites lip- Remember that friend from the bus ride, the sexual thing? That's him! One of the few friends I actually really trust.

I hate it; I hate that we're not talking to each other. I hate it that we're avoiding each other; I hate it that I can't laugh with him or tease him or hug him and call him my lil bro. My God. I really should apologize, but something's holding me back. Stupid fear-of-confrontation.

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