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:: 2005 1 January :: 3.13 pm

its good to be back to such a neat site kids.

I hope your days are just swell.

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:: 2004 14 July :: 12.41 pm
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: howie day-collide

a clock thats blinking eight
Oh camp thing- wet and annoying but I got to see my molly childress. o what a joy

Kt boating trip- phenomenal Jesse and I had many lovely talks

PA- grand just grand. I loved it with a passion. I saw matthew leah and brian and some others I didnt really choose or want to see but I got over it. Drea and Ray (brother and isster inlaw and babies) were just swell.

Im back home and the week after I got home from this 3 week chaotic mess, I got to go to another camp for church. much like the one in OH. It was very very fun. I met some neto girls. Monday we started soccer conditioning. it was hell/it is. it got better though yesterday. I just hope I have that much luck today. I trust all is well. Im sorry I havnt let you in on more life happenings until now. I shal try to be better. Rock on kiddos.

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:: 2004 1 June :: 2.43 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: John mayer

so they say
well Utah was very amusing...Andrew (my cousin) is a cool kid. I am home for a week then off to youth confrence then Im off to Ohier then to girls camp there and then a boating trip them PA awaits me. and Ill come homw and update. I trust all is well.

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:: 2004 19 May :: 12.19 pm
:: Mood: in pain
:: Music: the class room

ah garhsey
well on the last full day ever in this god forsaken school I am doing preatty well. things are working out well I guess but you know. Im sick of every one and everything. but Ill live. -skrew life. skrew me. skrew you. I promise. all is well. once i leave that is. I hope all is going just as well for you.

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:: 2004 13 May :: 7.07 pm
:: Mood: mellow
:: Music: Keane

hello most sorry I havent writen more often
Hello kiddies. how might you be this fine wonderouse afternoon. I have aproxamatly 4 and 1/2 days until I am on vacation in Utah. o the love. but today is going to have to be sohrt. sorry. thats all Id like to say goodbye.

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:: 2004 6 May :: 7.19 pm
:: Music: dashboard

well I made the play at my high school its for next fall. its little shop of horrors. quite fun. I wish I could make the play little shop of whores and then quite a few people I know could be the main part. speaking of main parts for any of you out there who are majiorly obsessed with this play then you will understand what I mean when I say that I have ronette. and for all of you that dont know its basicly 1 of 3 girls who sing throught the hole sing like in babe (a dysney movie about a pig) its like the 3 mice that sing through the hole thing, anywho so Im quite excited. my sister got audrey. the close to main girl. the 3 girls are on stage singing mostly the whole time. and I completely skrewed up my lines for audrey during the try outs and I thought I did really well on the ones for the 3 girls (I dont know the othes names....anywho. then after I found out all of this I was very very happy. and then I went to a soccer meeeitng for the girls soccer team next year and I found out that conditioning will be alot more grueling that I thought. I will have to condition for conditioning. ugh. anywoh. Im willing to do it though. Im mighty exited. but Ive got a crap load f homework and projects to do so I love you and thank you for reading.....Ive decided I hate caps locl they need to take that button off of the key board. again thanks for reading.

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:: 2004 3 May :: 5.59 pm
:: Mood: mellow
:: Music: swirlies

Im most apologetic that I havnt been more diligent in writing my wonderous entries not that any one acutaly reads these but hey. life goes on.And yet today is another endless day of wonders. today were the try outs for the high schoools fall play "little shop of horrors" there arent that many people trying out so I think Im ok. the try outs went alright. not the best i would have hoped but the director has seen me before in other prformances....ah who cares skrew it. so Jesse (my sisters lover in Ohier) told me about this new band the swirlies or just swirlies I dont know. and Im liking the tunes here. anywho. life goes on you have fun. please. everday that passes and that is just like bla I wish something would have happened. just signifigant. so I get my guitar out and Im like alright lets make something signifigant. I dont relaly know why Im telling you this I gues just beuacse today is one of those days......ha anywho. lets make some magic.....(hooray for aladin....its the part where they are going out of the cave of wonders.....or it may be the part when aladin is making his first wish to be a king....hmm I dont know. good quality movie though....t-ha)

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:: 2004 28 April :: 10.43 pm
:: Mood: mellowly happy
:: Music: Coldplay-the scientist

I will be your chuck friend...
Hello all you kids out there. Well I am doing quite well today. ah it was a phneomenal day weather wise it made me extaticly happy. i have to cut it short today becuase I would like to go to bed at a decnet time, but thanks for reading tonight and all you have to know it that Ive got yellow chucks......boys and girls Jess has got her yellow converse. her yellow chuck taylors. her yellow all stars whatever you wish to call them I dont care I have them in yellow. ah magic. thank you for lfie...

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:: 2004 27 April :: 6.50 pm
:: Mood: amazed
:: Music: finch -letters to you

hey kiddos
hooray for this wonderous Tuesday. ha ok so get this. (ah it must happen this way or it couldnt be a real play) My director for my play got in an obnoxiously big car crash last night and totaled (sp) his car....sweet hes ok but the doctor told him not to coem to school but he had to becuase he needed to direct our dress rehersal. great great fun. ok so then sloan this morning fell skating at our gym skate day/week so he fell big deal. alright so then I hear he goes to the hospital . ok Im freaking out sloan is my husband in the play and hes the main part) alright... ok, so then we hear he broke his ribs and he cant come this week at all(maybe friday and saturday when our real preformances at night are. this week they are just for the middle school and elementary school) ah garshey. Im quite angry/annoyd at my new husband (that "replaced" sloan) still. but Ill get over it. 17 more days of school. thank you. I dont really think that I could handle any more. Anywho. Ive got to calm down. hooray for the guitar. Im going to go play. have a grand day. thank you for reading. your amazing.

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:: 2004 26 April :: 10.44 pm
:: Mood: extatic for no reason at all.
:: Music: Damien rice-cold water from "o"

Mighty happy.....mighty cool
A mighty hello to all you kids out there. I just got home from my dress rehersal. o quite fun let me tell you. hooray hooray hooray. It went horrible, but then again it always does until your opening night. Thats how Fiddler on the roof was. ah man i miss that play (i did it last year in Ohio.) ( now Im in TN...great fun) My sister's play was phenomenal. It was Endured stories of the civil was it was fantastic. but righ tnow I must go get my mother from the air port. Im very excited. I missed her. shes been in Utah with my new neice. thank you for listening/reading.

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:: 2004 24 April :: 8.34 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: bright eyes

alright so I have this majior part of a project due on monday, my mother is out of town with my new neice, I cant see how to get this stupid search bar that automaticly downloaded on my computer off, I need sleep, I need to still sew my skirt that I would really like to get done, and I miss cars and corty. poo. IM not really stressed i just wish it could all go away for 2 seconds, and now I feel like a dumb girl letting her stupid feelings which no one cares about by the way to a computer screan. ah. skrew life. last week was a horrible week. 100% horrible every day something big needed to be done, and we had to cordinate with my dad and not our momy (my sister and I) and I just felt very...stressed. our play is next friday and saturday but our first real preformance is on monday tuesday wednesday and thrusday o and my bad friday as well. ugh! I love the plays dont get me wrong but Im not ready to go to my teachers and get all of that make up work....ah skrew it all. anywho. I must get back to my project 9o kindof good news i just got the search bar to go away.. ugh that is the most annyoing thing!) anywho. thank you for caring. I love you. have a grand day.

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:: 2004 22 April :: 9.53 pm
:: Mood: angry earlier this day, but better now
:: Music: dashboard-the best deceptions

hey kiddos
hello kids. how are you. today was quite annyoing. I was angry beuacse of school Im done with teachers, Im done with the kids, Im done with the work, Im seiosuly just done. Im sick of the teachers yelling at the whole class and haveing faulse accusations put uppon me, "be quiet" "SHHHHHH" "shut up" "dont talk" Im just ugh! anywho so thats how I was feeling this afternoon and still am kindof but then I went to play practice and I felt better. next year they are doing little shop of horrors, ah Im so excited and the try outs are in 2 weeks, Im quite excited. but all is well other than that. Im happy with life when I get home but while at school I just feel resentment and anger, skrew life. thats what I say. Leah and MAt kosick amaze me. they are so different than all of the littlw whores back in Pa. they have totaly changed, and they are surrounded by them, ugh they are so cool. ah Molly childress, I talked to her today. it was amzing. I miss her so much. I seam to miss everyone this time of year. I dont even know why. but Im happy here. thank you samantha fee for being in Tennessee. hooray. well kids I hope all is well. your cool. I have 2 pair or black chucks and one green and a pink and andrew is getting me yellow and hes ordered them. o they amaze me. wow......I bleached one of the black ones polka doted, and the other black pair I colored iwth permanint marker rainbowed. but anywho they amaze me. I love you. thanks for life kids.

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:: 2004 15 April :: 4.13 am
:: Mood: amazed
:: Music: O.A.R.

hot diggity dog kids`
Hello. how might you be, Im feelingmighty light headed well not light headed....not really is 3:10 AM and Im doing a project for english. ah have any of you read To Kill A Mocking Bird? well thats what it is on. quite amusing acutaly. anywho. well i just wanted to stop in and say hello as long as i am up this late and since i missed last night/yesterday. Im honestly Im amazed that Im stil this awake! I dont even drink caffine! hooray for me. ha but i do have a cup of chocolate milk right next to me that I keep refilling and awsome music (hooray OAR) anywho kids. have fun be safe please. a girl got in a car accident (wo spelling) and she was crying and I felt mighty bad. she had her seat belt on luckily. well hav fun again be safe wear your seat belt and see you in 8th grade. dont change.

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:: 2004 13 April :: 5.55 pm
:: Mood: depressed
:: Music: my sisters pinao playing

hey kiddos
hello its short today but yes well Id like to say hello. carly left this morning. it was quite depressing.

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:: 2004 13 April :: 1.09 am
:: Mood: with it, and appealing
:: Music: bright eyes

ah garshey kids
Carly Nicole Huntsman is here. Im mighty extatic, and this all seams like a dream to me and her. I love her alot. ha we looked up cute and cool in the synonyms section of life and for cute we got appealing, and cool we got with it. ha nice. well Im going to make this a short one. thanks for caring. ah varlys sleeping thats cute...i mean appealing. ha bye kids

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